12 Things I learned or will remember about 2012

In a couple days we’ll be gathering with friends and family to ring in a New Year. 2013 is coming, whether you are ready or not. I am always glad to see a new year around the bend.  It gives me a sense of excitement and a feeling of renewal.  No matter how tough, good, bad, frustrating the previous year has been, there’s a chance for new beginnings, a fresh start and a clean slate.  I’ll take one of each of those please!

2012 was not the best or the worst year by any means. I am so blessed that I feel guilty at times for even desiring to do more, be more, have more and accomplish more.  I am looking forward to starting some new opportunities and getting back on track with others that I should have never gotten off track with.

I always like to look back at the year and write down lessons that I learned. This year I wanted to change that up and write about 12 things I learned or that I will remember about 2012.  In no particular order, here goes…

1. 3 great trips with friends / family. In April going to the beach with 4 of my girlfriends, laughing, sunbathing, our picnic on the beach, shopping, eating and relaxing.  In June going to Reviewer’s Retreat with some new blogging buddies. Our Team Silver winning the scavenger hunt, eating Japanese food off the floor, talking and laughing almost all night long.  In October, going to Pigeon Forge with my sweet grandparents. Eating way too much at the pancake house every morning, getting unexpectedly “rained” on in one of the attractions, losing 2 putt putt balls in one game, laughing, shopping and creating more great memories with the 2 most precious people I know.

2. Learning that the grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence, but that sometimes you have to check it out first to make sure and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact you might meet some amazing people and have some great experiences while on the other side. However, it will teach you where you really belong.

3. That it is important to have a designated office when you are self employed and to actually use it and keep it organized in order to be efficient.

4. That life is short, people can be taken in a moment. The world we are living in is full of cruel, heartless and crazy people.  Hang on to your family, be a little kinder, a little more patient and tell them you love them every day.

5.  That people change, friendships end, others go on and sometimes you get left behind and you just have to deal with it and move on in your own time, path and ways too because you won’t ever move forward if you keep looking back.

6. That being at the bottom is nowhere near as fun as being at the top but sometimes we need to be humbled and reminded of where we came from instead of just being caught up.

7. That I got started on living a healthier life and lost 15 lbs. But I also stalled and didn’t stick with exercising and need to get back on track again in 2013.

8. Laughter. I will remember many great, funny, laugh until you cry and can’t breath moments, with my family, especially my grandpa and our Sunday night family nights at my grandparents.

9. How great it feels to be able to give back and help others and that it does not take that much to give hope to someone else.

10. That I actually enjoy cooking, especially when I’m cooking for someone else.

11. That it’s okay if not everyone likes me or agrees with or approves of who I am, what I do and what I believe.  I’m still struggling with this one but getting a little bit better about not letting it upset me so bad when someone doesn’t like me.

12. That I am more grateful than ever for multiples chances and that we have the power to change. I’m grateful that God gives us multiple chances and opportunities even though we fail and mess up and fall off track sometimes. I’m thankful that we have the power to change our paths, make different choices and take new roads whenever we decide to.

Here’s to am amazing & blessed 2013 for all of us!


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    Life is short and anytime you can go. I learned this again today, when at age 22, my son’s friend passed away due to a severe attack of asthma. My thoughts go to the parents, who, at their age, are not supposed to bury their child but life is tricky sometimes. Or mean and cruel too.

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    What great things to have learned and to remember. I am blessed to claim you as my friend. You are awesome and I pray that God truly shows you that in the New Year. You let your light shine and I think as you become more confident in how truly amazing you are and that negative people are just blocking your light then your shining light will not only shine but beam. Let God lead you and have more faith in the greatness he created in you!
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      Thank you so much Stephanie! I’m grateful to have gotten to know you this year and appreciate your support & friendship more than you know! Here’s to an outstanding 2013 for all of us!

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