20 days in… Weight Loss Update

Today marks 20 days since I started the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss program.  The first few days were a breeze. It was fun, new and exciting and I was feeling motivated. That lasted about 10 or 12 days.  Then temptation, frustration, stress, life, reality came back.

It is not easy to change your lifestyle or your habits. It takes time.  I have done pretty good though the past few days have been really hard.  I have not started exercising again. I desperately need to – for more reasons than just losing weight.  I’m still struggling to find balance in my life and to just not be so tired and stressed out and over worked all the time.

On the positive side in the past 20 days since starting the program I have lost five pounds and 3 total inches.  That’s progress even though much less than I wanted to have achieved by now.  I accept full responsibility though and am just going to keep trying again each day. Step by step, inch by inch – right?


As for the products themselves, I love the meal bars and the snack bars. I am struggling with the shakes though. I am one of those weird texture people, meaning if something has a weird texture to me I just have a hard time eating it (or drinking it).  No matter how I have tried to fix the shakes, the only way I can tolerate the texture is with just the powder and soy or almond milk.  That would be fine except that doesn’t really fill you up or taste as good as if you make them into smoothies.  I just can’t deal with the weird, clumpy, gritty, just not liquid, not a solid texture of smoothies though. I’m definitely in the minority on this and that has nothing to do with the shake powder as I am able to get it blended in just fine.

As for being hungry, I really have not felt hungry at all.  I am on the 1500 calorie plan which is actually more calories than I used to eat most days.  Apparently, I was not getting enough calories in and my body was thinking it was in starvation mode which means it was hanging onto every calorie and carb for life before… I am finding that with eating healthier foods it takes a lot more food to get to 1500 calories. I am trying  to eat every few hours to keep my metabolism steady.  I have cut WAY back on carbs and sugars which I think was a bit of shock for my body at first. I didn’t cut them out cold turkey because well I just can’t. I need those carbs still so I am just eating a lot less and choosing to eat healthier carbs.

For right now I am feeling excited still that I started this journey and looking forward to being able to post bigger and better results in the coming weeks and months. At least my #’s went down, even if it was only a small amount. :) I have made better choices and am sticking with the diet fairly well. That’s something to be proud of! I just have to get on a better routine, figure out how to deal with stress (or alleviate some stress) in my life and make sure I am sticking with eating the right foods and making better choices.


*This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have received free products, online support, and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. *



  1. Maribel Reyes says

    Misty, congratulations on those 5 pounds and inches lost. I can tell you from experience that yes it takes one little step at a time. Why don’t you workout on 5 minute increments? Or maybe every hour on the hour do 10 squats? or 10 jumping jacks? Choose to park further than you normally would and before bed add some situps? It is not easy to change your mindset but it is possible 😀 and I know that soon you’ll be doing it without even thinking about it. You know you can tweet or message me whenever you want a challenge! 😀

    • says

      Thanks April! I actually lost those 5 lbs the first 14 days and the scale hasn’t went down at all the past 6 days so I need to get moving / do better. I know we shouldn’t focus on the #’s so much but it’s hard to not equate them to success or failure. Keep pushing on yourself though, It just takes time and making better choices!
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  2. says

    To me it sounds like you are doing a great job. Change does take time and yes your body will definitely feel the change. Just keep plugging away and I think we all have moments where we “backslide” a bit, but we rebound whether quickly when we have our heart into what we are doing.
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  3. says

    I can relate to your frustration. I am also on a weight loss journey. I have tried everything. Recently I started to blog as well. Thought I could add another accountability factor in there. It is nice to read real people’s struggles just like mine. I will stay tuned to your success! Good luck.

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