30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19 – Your Biggest Regret

This month I’m participating in a 30 day blog challenge. Each day has a different topic. Today is Day 19 & the topic is “Your biggest regret in life.”.
I have a lot of big regrets that relate to a particular relationship I was in when I was in high school and college. Mostly I regret staying in the relationship for so long and letting myself be in that kind of situation. I was young, naïve and had no self-confidence and didn’t know yet who I was.

Those years will never make sense to me and I’ll always have regrets. I am thankful that the Lord is able to forgive us and gives us second (and third, fourth, fifth chances) and hope of a better future though. I do wish there was a “magic eraser” that could wipe the bad memories away though. I forgave him a long time ago, but still struggle to forgive myself for being so stupid and letting him take advantage of me for so long.
My other big regret is not going off to a 4 year university and not having completed my Bachelor’s degree. I went to community college for a quick 2 year degree in Paralegal Technologies mostly because I was afraid that if I went off to college the above mentioned guy I was dating would break up with me. That happened after all so I will always regret that choice. I guess I regret more letting someone else control my life and my destiny more than just not finishing my degree or going off to a university. I do hope to go back and complete my degree one day. I have started back to school a few times and have taken a lot of the classes I need so it would probably only take me 3 semesters to finish.

All of that said, I try not to think about or live in my regrets.  I choose to live for today. I have this sign in my office it says- “Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein

We can never move forward if we are hanging on to the past, be that memories, feelings, fears or regrets.


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