$5 DIY Snowman Winter Wreath!

Last month I posted my tutorial for a quick $5 DIY Autumn Leaf Wreath. It was so popular that I decided to another easy $5 DIY Snowman Wreath for the Winter! This DIY Winter wreath can be used before and after Christmas  It was really easy to make using a Christmas Ornament, wreath and ribbon, plus a couple other items.


To make this wreath all you need is:

  • Grapevine Wreath (can be purchased in the floral section of Walmart or any craft stores)
  • Wide, wired ribbon
  • A Christmas Ornament
  • Mod Podge
  • Aleene’s Craft Glue
  • Glitter
  • Twist Tie

Here is a step by step of how I put it all together:

1. I pulled some of the green grape leaves out of the wreath so it looked more winter like.

2. I put a light coat of Mod Podge on about 1/5th of the front of the wreath.

3. Then I sprinkled the glitter on the Mod Podge.

4. I continued doing the Mod Podge and glitter until the entire front of the wreath had glitter on it.

4. I let it dry a few hours (overnight is usually best, but Mod Podgetends to dry quickly)

5. I made a large bow with the wide, wired ribbon and attached it to the wreath using a twist tie (you could glue it or use floral wire to attach it)

6. I then decided where I wanted my snowman ornament to go, then used Aleene’s Craft Glue to glue it down.  I let the glue dry overnight.

The grapevine wreath was $2.50 and the ornament was $1.97. I only used a little glitter, glue and Mod Podge – all of which I had in my craft supply. Then the twist tie – those come free with every box of trash bags you purchase so if you are like me, you have a drawer full of them. :)

That’s all there is to making a simple, easy and cute winter snowman wreath in less than 30 minutes for less than $5.  You could of course use any type of ribbon or ornament or even a plaque in the middle of the wreath instead. It is up to you! Just be creative, crafty & frugal!

What do you think of my wreath? If you like this idea I would love your comments below, shares and retweets! Thank you! :)



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