$5 DIY Autumn Wreath- Easy to Make Fall Wreath with a Wire Hanger!

Last year I was getting ready for a Fall Party at my house.  I began decorating for fall & pulling out all my pumpkins, leaves, fall tablecloths and other autumn home decor. I could not find my fall wreath for my front door though.  I was short on time and it was too late to go to the store so I decided to look in my craft stash and see what I could find to make my own DIY Autumn Wreath.

After looking through my stash, I found several four foot long leaf garlands, some pumpkins and 2 scarecrow plant decorations.  These were all items I had purchased at the Dollar Store or Dollar General in the past year.

DIY $5 Fall Autumn Wreath

I came up with the idea to make a wreath with the garland and accent it with some of the other items.  The problem was that I didn’t have any Styrofoam or grapevine wreaths (or anything that resembled a wreath).  I then thought about using a wire coat hanger and wrapping the garland around it.  Thus began the search for a wire coat hanger.  I hate wire hangers. I prefer to use the plastic or wooden ones. After some digging in my closet I found a wire hanger.

The first thing I did was to bend the hook part down to make it more of a loop. I then shaped the hanger as make it more round. Next, I began wrapping the first piece of garland around the hanger. When I finished the first piece, I tied it off in a simple loop knot.

I continued wrapping the other three pieces of leaf garland around the hanger. I did have to do a little back and forth wrapping to make sure all the pieces were on there evenly and tight enough so they didn’t slide & leave big empty gaps.

Once I had all the leaf garland on the wire hanger, I then made sure the leaves were all facing the right direction. I then shaped it and worked with it a bit to make sure none of the wire hanger or green part of the garland was showing through.

Once all the leaf garland was on the wreath, it was time to add the final touch – one of the scarecrows. I broke part of the “stick” off the scarecrow so it wouldn’t stick out of the bottom of the wreath. I wrapped scotch tape around the base of the stick so there wouldn’t be any splinter like pieces on the end.  To make the scarecrow stay in place, I used a twist tie  to secure the stick to the wire hanger.

DIY Fall Autumn Wreath

That’s all there was to it! Total cost for the materials for this wreath was just $5 plus whatever a wire hanger costs. :) It took me about 30 minutes to put it all together.  I love it and have received many compliments for it!  You could do this with any seasonal floral garland and accents purchase from the Dollar Store too.

What do you think? Feel free to comment below, tweet, pin & share! I love your comments & appreciate you!


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      thanks Camille! :) You could easily do a bow with wired ribbon instead of a scarecrow too. I was feeling all Martha Stewart like last night when I finished it, LOL! I love doing things like this but it’s just hard to find (or make) the time lately.


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