A Little Birdie Told Me So…

Two years ago I moved into a “new to me” home.  One evening about 3 months after I moved in, I noticed something up in the corner of my garage opening. It’s rather dark in there, so at first I thought it was a mouse or a rat. My grandmother was with me. She grabbed the lid to a box and gently poked this dark creature.  Out flew a little bird, much to our surprise (and probably the bird’s surprise too!).

It was an odd place for a bird to make it’s home.  There was no room for a nest. It was just enough space just for the bird to snuggle into the corner with his back side facing the garage and his tail feathers hanging down. It doesn’t look that comfortable, but I guess it was since he made it his home for several months.   Below is a picture I captured one night.

Every evening, around dusk, he would fly into the garage, chirp a bit as if to say “good night” and then fly up to his little spot. He stayed there, sound asleep until morning when the sun would come up.

I was completely fascinated by this little guy. For several weeks, I only saw his back side and had not been able to figure out what kind of bird he was. Every evening when I come home or periodically throughout the night, I look out my side door to just to make sure Georgie was there.

Yes I named him… Georgie… Georgie Porgie to be exact…  It just seemed to fit.

Whenever I saw Georgie, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the song lyrics: “His eye is on the sparrow, so I know he watches over me”. Also Matthew 6:28 which reminds us that “He feeds the birds of the field and clothes the lilies, so how much more does He care for us?”.

It just amazed me that little birdie was so content to have nothing in the world, not even a real birdhouse or a nest. All he had was just a little corner that’s not more than 4 inches wide and 3 inches high to sleep on.

How discontent are we with our nice homes, nice cars, garages to park them in, closets overflowing with clothes, appliances, heat to keep us warm and  food on the table? We are never satisfied. We always want more or bigger or better or faster. We are never happy or content and yet we have so very much!

One evening when I got home and I was looking to see if Georgie was there, he was awake and looking back at me! I finally got a good look @ his face and marking.  I went inside and started researching birds on Google with the markings, size and color that Georgie was. Lo & behold, turns out Georgie was a sparrow! Isn’t that something?

I’m sure God gave Georgie a home in my garage to remind me of His never ending love and blessed I am. What a sweet and unique reminder that God’s eyes were on the sparrow in my garage and on me as well!

Usually in the fall and sometimes in the winter, I will have a sparrow or two come back and spend the night in my garage in this same little spot. I don’t know if it is the same bird or not, but I like to think so. Every time I hear or see a sparrow in my garage or on my porch, I think about the lessons that little bird taught me.

Here’s a recent pic I put on Instagram of the 2 that have been staying here lately: http://instagram.com/p/UXbW2fKKYw/

I pray I can be more like Georgie and be content with all the blessings God has given me. I pray I can have the faith of that little birdie. To have complete assurance that no matter what God is going to provide whatever I need right at that moment. I pray I can rest each night in His presence knowing He will take care of everything and I have nothing to worry about.

Update: Read about another visit from my little birdie in this post: Intruders and a Reminder of God’s Protection

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