Aloha Friday – Snow Days

Happy Aloha Friday!  In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. I used to participate in an Aloha Friday link up but the blog that hosted it is on temporary hiatus.  I wanted to still do this in the New Year though as a way to just have some fun and get to know YOU all a little better.   I have been to Hawaii twice and absolutely love it there! (The picture below is one I took in July 2011 in Oahu.)

Basically how this works is I will ask a question and you guys can comment with an answer. This is a fun way to get to interact, meet new people and maybe make new friends.

Snow Days and Hawaii don’t really go together, but that is the topic for today.  We don’t get a lot of snow here where I live in NC but when we do everyone is excited, some negatively excited and some positively excited. Some are excited because they never get to see snow, the kids love it and schools and places of employment often close, even for little amounts of snow. Others hate the snow, hate being cold, hate being stuck in the house or hate it because no matter the weather they still have to get out and go to work somewhere.

Me, I am kind of in the middle.  I don’t like cold weather, but I don’t mind a nice, pretty snow once or twice a winter especially since I work from home and don’t have to drive in it. However, if it is going to snow, I want it to SNOW, not just sneeze on my yard like it did last night. :)

So my question for this Aloha Friday is…  What are your favorite Snow Days activities? Do you sled, make snow creme, build snow people, make a certain meal, any other family activities?

My answer: When I was little we would always play in the snow, make snow people, then come in for a cup of hot chocolate. My mom would usually make soup and grilled cheese sandwiches – always a favorite on a cold day.  I may be grown up and I don’t have kids, but I still like to build a snowman if/when we get enough snow that is…


***Also I want to thank those who commented on last week’s Aloha Friday and say CONGRATS to the random winner of a $5 Amazon Gift Card – Leovi!  Please email me at to claim the gift card. :) ***

Have a great weekend everyone!


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