Aloha Friday – What can’t you live without?

Aloha Friday friends! It has been a long week for me. My laptop died last Friday night unexpectedly. (Not that you ever really expect something like that to happen.) I know it could be worse so I am not complaining (too much).  When you work from home for a living and 80% of that work has to be done online, not having your laptop is very stressful. I do have an older desktop but it didn’t have anything on it and is slower.  The best deal I found for the kind of laptop that I like had to be ordered and the laptop did not come until yesterday.

I didn’t think I was going to make it almost a week without my laptop. I did make it though and I learned a few lessons like I don’t have to check email constantly or reply back to an email right away.  I also went to sleep a little bit earlier most nights since I couldn’t sit around working on my laptop and watching TV or in bed waiting to fall asleep.  I also learned that the world didn’t fall apart, I didn’t lose any clients or customers and the work that didn’t get done because I didn’t have access to files or programs to complete the work – well it is still there to be completed. That’s not to say that I don’t feel bad and haven’t apologized or explained to my clients and customers though. (I will be working hard this weekend to catch up.)  I just learned that sense of urgency that having a laptop and always being connected is something that I can CHOOSE to accept and be part of or not.  From here on out I am going to work hard to continue to balance my life and priorities and not let that sense of urgency rule me.

Now onto our Aloha Friday conversation!

Aloha FridayIf you are new to CEO of Me® (welcome!) in Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. I used to participate in an Aloha Friday link up but the blog that hosted it is on temporary hiatus.  I wanted to still do this in the New Year though as a way to just have some fun and get to know YOU all a little better.   I have been to Hawaii twice and absolutely love it there! (The picture is one I took in July 2011 in Oahu.)

Basically how this works is I will ask a question and you guys can comment with an answer. This is a fun way to get to interact, meet new people and maybe make new friends.   Occasionally I will randomly draw a winner from those who comment for an Amazon gift code too! :)

So here is this week’s question:  What can’t you live without?

My answer: the Internet since I make my living working online, but also Aquaphor (for my ridiculously dry and sensitive lips) and on a serious note, my family of course!

I look forward to reading your responses! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl! Be sure to check out my Super Bowl Recipe Round Up too!


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    That had to be tough. I’d be lost without my laptop too. It be tough for me to live without my phone. I use it all the time and if I ever walk out the door without it, I have to head back in to grab it even if I’m running late.
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