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This week we are on Chapter 5 of iBloom’s “iChoose2 Love my Life” book. I normally post on Monday but I admit I have put off posting this week.  Ironically enough, this week’s topic is “procrastination”. (Go figure!)

ibloomch5I’ve read all kinds of time management books, even written a couple articles like this one about how eating your frogs can help you accomplish more in less time, but I still procrastinate.  It’s a common problem, wouldn’t you agree?

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” -Wayne Gretzky 

One thing the book talks about is doing 60 minute blitzes. In our direct sales business we do these and call them “power hours”. Basically you take 1 hour and turn off all electronic devices and remove all distractions that you can and you focus on just 1 project or list of tasks. This helps you not be distracted and to get those things done that you keep putting off.

I can handle that, I can do that. When I put my mind to something, it is amazing what I can accomplish in a short amount of time!

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Edward Young

procrastination quoteMy problem is that I am an emotional procrastinator. What I mean by that is if I am not in the mood to do something or if I am just not feeling it, I put off doing it.  If it gets in the way or interrupts a project I am deep into, I don’t want to stop and do it. I’m a passionate person and if I’m not feeling passion or excitement or whatever about doing something I just have a really hard time doing it.

Some things are just not any fun to do and therefore we put them off.  We know we are going to have to do those tasks or projects or household chores but we want to wait until the last minute.

There are so many times this gets me in trouble. For instance, last Thursday my landlord came over at 4pm to tell me they were coming at 11am the next day to start work on re-wiring my house.  I had a rough week, was kind of depressed about a few things and had let all the housework just slip for a few days. There were dishes in the sink, a huge pile of clean clothes and towels to fold and put away, I had a bunch of empty boxes in my office that needed to be broken down and taken to the dump and even some Christmas gifts and wrapping supplies I still needed to put away. Not to mention to usual household chores like dusting, sweeping and vacuuming.

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” – Christopher Parker 

This meant my entire evening was spent cleaning house.  If I would have just washed the dishes after I ate, broken down the boxes and put them in my garage after I opened and emptied them, folded the towels and put them away when I pulled them out of the dryer, well it wouldn’t have been such a predicament.

Anyone who knows me or has been to my house knows that it’s usually very neat and put together. I’m a tad bit OCD  and I love organizing! Most people tell me that my house when it’s messy looks better than theirs when it’s clean.  However, I let my emotions keep me from doing what I should have done.  I just didn’t FEEL like doing a little housework each day so I didn’t do it.  That is definitely the wrong attitude to have.

This has happened with things in my business too.  There have been times I just did not feel like working on a certain project or some of the various boring administrative tasks that come with running your own business. Putting off doing those things I don’t enjoy just puts me more behind than if I would have just done the work.  Like this blog post for example.  I just didn’t feel like writing it yet so I’m 3 days late with it.

(Had it been a paid post with a deadline I would not have missed the deadline though, but it wasn’t something that required a deadline and nothing was on the line if I didn’t get the post up on Monday – that was a deadline I set for myself.) 

Then again, now that I think about it, there was something on the line: Integrity, self-discipline, accountability, responsibilities, priorities.  So what if it was just a goal or deadline I set for myself, so what if I didn’t make a living from it.  It was still something I had a responsibility to do.  I mean I am an iBloom Ambassador. I am a “CEO of ME” I am supposed to be setting an example for others to follow. As a Christ follower, I carry an even bigger responsibility to live my life to higher standards and make sure to never compromise my integrity.  It goes so much deeper than just procrastination and my emotions.

What I need to work on is not letting my feelings and emotions get in the way of my responsibilities and priorities. Do you struggle with this too? Or is it just me? Please leave a comment below with any thoughts or tips on how you overcome procrastination.

If you are going through the book too you can link up your Chapter 5 post below!

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  1. Emmy says

    This hit me between the eyes this morning!!!
    I had actually been thinking along this line yesterday, and then I pull up my email and the post is like the cherry on the Sunday. Thanks for being honest ad reminding me that we’re ALL human!!!
    Been dealing with some MAJOR family issues, going to try doing better on NOT allowing my life problems to effect my emotional state. ( including stress eating!!!!)
    Once again. THANKK YOOOU!!

    • says

      Thank you for the comment. I am glad to know it isn’t just me that struggles with this. It is funny because I am such a driven and goal oriented person. I knew I procrastinated but never really sat down and thought about why or realized how much I let my emotions affect my productivity. Yes we are all human and taking a good look at ourselves is a good thing as long as we work to improve our faults. Hope things get better with your family soon!
      Misty Kearns recently posted…Owl Always Love You Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bag Toppers, Tags & more!My Profile

  2. says

    Blah, my procrastination issues sound so much like yours! There have been posts I need to write that I haven’t “felt” it and honestly can take an entire day. I keep finding other things to do to avoid it. In fact, I think I do this with a lot of things…especially the things I hate doing. I just keep putting it off until I eventually feel like I have to get it done. So glad to be starting this book!
    Jodi recently posted…David’s Bridal $200 Giveaway (Ends 2/28)My Profile

    • says

      You know the funniest part about reflecting on this is until recently I never thought of myself as an emotional person. Like an emotional person to me was someone who cried at the drop of a hat. I realized though I’m extremely emotional and up and down like a roller coaster, but I don’t cry a lot, actually not much at all… I need to work on getting my emotions in check… Ah the things we learn when we finally stop to take an honest look at ourselves…
      Misty Kearns recently posted…Motivating Monday Link Up – Feb 11-2013My Profile

      • Stephanie Kerns-Bailey says

        I am extremely emotional and have a serious procrastinating problem! One thing I procrastinate on is attending church. I know going to church makes me feel better but I always say I’ll go next Sunday. Housework is another thing I have a problem with. I am actually going to a therapist to try and figure out why I procrastinate. I’m doing this because I feel that I sabatage my goals for my life. The more I procrastinate the farther I am from my goals and true happiness!

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