DIY Desk and Office Organizers Tutorials and Ideas

Working from home and running more than one small business means I have a ton of papers, supplies and products. There are all kinds of catalogs, fliers, packets, business cards, small prizes and products for my direct sales business.  Files, emails, order forms, project lists, customer contact slips and all just end up boxes and never sorted. It’s hard to follow up with a customer if you have to dig through boxes to find their info.  Not to mention all the regular office supplies like pens, paper, stamps, labels, clipboards and the list goes on. I am an office supply junkie for sure.  My friends and family try to keep me away from any office supply stores.

I love organization and organizing my home and home office almost as much as I love office supply products. I struggle to keep everything in place though.  You can view how I finally got my desk organized here and also how I organized my office closet here.

Even if you don’t have a home based business, I am sure you have office products, household papers, your kid’s homework papers and more that you need to get and keep organized.  I’ve listed below some links where I have found some great tutorials and ideas of office and desk organizers you can make for free or mostly free. Some of these are so super creative and just plain cute!

DIY Desk / File / PaperOrganizer made from Cereal & Cake Boxes and scrapbook paper:

Tons of DIY Office Storage Ideas:

Pretty DIY Desktop Organizer with piece of wood, wood corbels and paint:

Easy DIY Desk Drawer Organizer:

DIY Desk Organizers with Recyled everyday household items (plastic bottles, cereal, food boxes):

Really pretty DIY Desk Accessory set:

Easy DIY Vintage Desk Organizer:

DIY Vertical File Organizer made with duct tape:

I hope you enjoy all these links to DIY Desk & Office Organizers!  I would LOVE it if you would leave a comment below and / or Pin it, Tweet it or Share it. Thank you!

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