DIY Patriotic Firecracker Craft Decoration made from Pringles Cans

The 4th of July will be here soon! I wanted to make a centerpiece for my family’s annual July 4th party. I often come up with ideas for crafts on the spur of the moment and use whatever I can find around the house (like my $5 autumn wreath from a coat hanger).

This Patriotic Firecracker inspired craft was made with three Pringles cans, scrapbook paper and a few pieces of wire star garland I purchased at the Dollar store. These were the only red, white and blue scrapbook papers I had in my stash so the centerpiece looks a little more rustic than some might like. You could use any kind of patriotic scrapbook paper to match your decor or party theme.


To make these the first thing I did was wash out the Pringles cans. Then I used a box cutter to cut off the bottom of two of the cans. I cut about 2 inches off of one and one inch off of the other. I did this so the “firecrackers” would be different heights and more visually appealing.

DIY Patriotic Firecracker Craft and Decoration made from Pringles Cans

Next, I applied rows of scrapbook 2 sided tape dots to the paper about 2 inches apart all the way around the paper. (You could use a glue stick or any kind of double sided tape.) I then laid the can on the paper and simply rolled the paper around it. I used a glue stick on the end of the paper to secure it. I then trimmed most of the excess paper off the top, leaving just a little to fold down inside the can so the metal rim would not show.

For the top of the firecracker, I used the plastic seal from the can. I cut a circle out of the matching paper and simply placed it in the inside of the seal. I then used a box cutter to cut out an “X” shaped slit in the center for the “sparks” to come out of.

To finish off, I placed the seal on the can. I cut about 8 or 10 strands of the wired star garland into various lengths and placed the wire garland in the “X” shaped slit on the seal. The wire garland can be easily bent and shaped so it looks like it is exploding out of the “firecracker”

DIY Patriotic Firecracker Craft and Decoration made from Pringles Cans

This is a simple and affordable craft to do with kids or just for yourself. I hope you like this and are inspired to get craft and creative with whatever you have around the house too!

PS Be sure to check out my Red, White & Blue Wreath made from a basket, flowers & ribbon for under $12 too!

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