DIY Spring or Summer Yarn Wreath Tutorial

I made this yarn wreath for Easter but will probably keep it up through summer as it is just so fun and bright! I had been seeing all these cute yarn wreaths all over Pinterest and just loved how the DIY yarn wreaths look. There are so many different color combinations you can use to make them match any holiday, decor or season.  I decided to try to make an yarn wreath of my own.

diy spring yarn wreath

I am a frugal do it yourself kind of gal though. I don’t think DIY or crafts have to be expensive, complicated or take hours to make.  My local Big Lots had a large supply of yarn in recently for only $1 – $2 per bundle. I chose a few fun, bright colors that I knew I could use for my Easter / Spring DIY Yarn Wreath and other DIY yarn projects later on.

diy spring yarn wreath

I also picked up a bouquet of spring silk flowers for 50% off at Hobby Lobby on my last trip and used their weekly 40% off coupon to get the Styrofoam wreath shape.  I still have plenty of yarn left for other projects and several flowers too. I think I have about $12 invested in this project.

diy spring yarn wreath

I can be kind of really impatient or anxious to get started on craft projects. I thought “how complicated can it be to wrap yarn around a piece of Styrofoam?”.  After getting started and it taking me nearly 30 minutes to only have 6 inches of the wreath covered in yarn, I figured I better do some research otherwise this wreath may end up on one of those Pinterest fail blogs. Either that or just change the title of this post to a “How NOT to make a DIY Yarn Wreath.” :)

After looking at some tutorials online and some of my own trial an error I finally figured out that:

1. You should use thicker yarn (duh!).

2.  However, if you are going to use thinner yarn, it’s easier and faster to cut 4 strands of yarn and wrap those 4 strands at a time instead of 1 little skinny piece of yarn over and over and over.  (I think doing 4 strands at a time with thicker yarn would be a smart idea too.)

3. If you are alternating colors of yarn like I did, have some scotch tape handy.  At first I was trying to tie off or just wrap the next color yarn over the one I just ended, but the yarn was not staying in place.  If the wreath is hanging on a wall or door, no one is going to see the backside. The tape will hold the ends together like a charm.

4. Be prepared to have little pieces of Styrofoam all over you and a 4 foot radius of wherever you are working. (You may want to wear long pants and long sleeves – that stuff is itchy!)

diy spring yarn wreath

Once I got a hang of the easier, faster way to make my yarn wreath, I finished it up in about an  hour. Then I took some of the flowers from the mixed bouquet and hot glued them where I wanted them on the wreath.

Here is my final product! Not bad for my first try and learning as I go, if I do say so myself! I hope I can inspire you to try out some new crafts and DIY projects of your own!   

DIY Easter or Spring Wreath Made with Yarn

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