DIY Yarn Wrapped Pool Noodle Wreath for Spring or Summer

For Mother’s Day this year I decided to make my grandmother a wreath. I had seen that you could make wreaths with pool noodles but I had not attempted it yet. Using a pool noodle for your wreath form is such an easy and inexpensive way to get creative and start making your own wreaths.

It’s very easy to make these wreaths but does take a little time to wrap the yarn around. All you have to do is bend the pool noodle and use packaging tape to connect the ends by wrapping it around a few times.  The tape will be hidden once you get the yarn wrapped around. You can also use ribbon or burlap to cover the pool noodle form.  Then you simply use a hot glue gun to attach your flowers, bows and accessories.

I used white yarn for this one and a mix of yellow, white and peach/orange flowers. She has a lot of yellow and orange flowers in her backyard so I thought it would compliment her flowers too.   I bought most of the flowers at the Dollar Tree and Michael’s on sale. I probably spent $15 total on everything to make this wreath. It took me about two hours to make it.

My grandmother’s birthday is just a few days before Mother’s Day so sometimes finding the right gift is difficult.  I decided to do something unique and handmade this year. I am sure she likes this more than the macaroni noodle ornaments I used to make in school for her. :)

I made my first yarn wrapped wreath last year and well let’s just say I learned the hard way what to do and not do when making a yarn wrapped wreath.  It was much easier and way less messy to use the pool noodle versus the styrofoam wreath from.  You can view the tutorial here:  (NOTE, for the pool noodle wreath I did not use scotch tape on the back, I simply tied off the ends of the yarn and then snipped the excess off.)

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diy pool noodle yarn spring or summer wreath


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