From Trash to Treasure – My Front Porch Makeover

I moved into the house I am currently renting a couple years ago. I was happy to be moving from a little apartment to a small, but larger detached house.  It is a cute little white house with a front porch. I really wanted to purchase some nice furniture for the front porch like a bench or a couple chairs.  However I just did not have the money to do that with moving and everything.

One day right after I moved as I was taking my trash to the dumpster, (the landlord I rent from owns an apartment complex across the street and he allows me to still use the dumpster there) I saw this kind of beat up, but still in great condition wicker chair. It was an ugly brown color and missing the cushion. However I could see the potential in this discarded piece of outdoor furniture.

I have never dumpster-dove in my life, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. I somehow managed to get the chair out of the dumpster. This was not an easy task as I am only five foot and one inch tall and the dumpster was almost as tall as me. Once I man handled the chair out of there, I hot footed it across the road to my grandparent’s house. (They live within walking distance of me.)

My grandpa is semi-retired auto body repair man and he happens to have the body shop on his property. I knew he could help me make this piece of trash into treasure.

I had found a chair which would have looked pretty lonely on my front porch all by its little self. The hunt was on for a bench or another chair.

In the mean time, my landlord (who is also good friends with my grandparents) had a perplexing story to share.  He told my grampa that he had disposed of an outdoor chair from a friend of his the day before, but when he went back to throw something else away, the chair was gone.  He looked around the apartments and couldn’t figure out where that chair had went.

My grampa of course found the whole situation funny and ended up telling him that I was the culprit.  My landlord didn’t care of course as he was throwing the chair away, he just couldn’t figure out how it was there one minute and gone the next.

The best part of this entire story… The matching bench / love seat was getting ready to be tossed in the dumpster the next day and my landlord just gave it to me too!

I was able to snag a wicker chair and love seat that were perfect for my new little front porch!  We painted both pieces black and I found some nice outdoor cushions at a garden outlet store for a good price.  My trash to treasure front porch not only looks great, but comes with a great story!

I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner: Show Us Your Front Porch Check out all the other great front porch furniture stories and ideas!

My front porch, winter 2011



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