Understanding How BIG God’s Mercy Is

Recently as I was watching some old video’s of Pastor Matt Pitt & The Basement Ministries, I heard him share this quote: “It is an insult to God to think that our mistakes are bigger than His mercy”.

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WOW! That quote really struck me.  How often do we feel captive to our sins and mistakes? How often we let Satan convince us that we are unworthy of God’s love, forgiveness, mercy & grace? How often do we choose to live in shame, regret and fear instead of living in God’s mercy and grace?

God’s mercy is as far from the east to the west. He loves us more than the # of grains of sand on the earth. We know this is the truth, but we often choose instead to listen to the lies that Satan and the world tell us instead of believing the “voice of truth“.

How can we ever believe we could do something so bad, be so evil, fail so much that His mercy cannot pick us up, wash us clean and set us back on the right path again towards His best will for us?  Praise be to God for His mercy that endures forever & it’s so much BIGGER than us and all ours sins and mistakes!

Stop insulting God and the faith that you claim to have. Choose today to accept His mercy and to walk forward as a new person into the brighter future He has planned for you!

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  1. Pam S says

    This is also a message I heard at church. We tend to complicate the process as humans and think that God is not big enough to handle our mistakes. Thankfully, He is, whether we accept the idea or not. However, our thinking can cause either a positive or negative outcome. His hope is the former. Thanks for sharing!
    “We are only as sick as our secrets” live in Truth, not denial.

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