There is no happy ending without a mucky middle

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Chick flicks. Whether you are a fan of them or not, you know what I’m talking about: those movies that are sure to make a girl cry. They usually have a tragic love story with ups and downs and twists and turns before the happily ever after ending.

We watch them and get caught up in those twists and turns and worry if the movie really will give us that happy ending. We cry along with the characters during their trials and broken hearts. Even if we briefly start to doubt that happy ending, in the end though we are never let down. Between our piles of Kleenex and empty bowls of ice cream and popcorn we will sniffle out “And they lived happily ever after…”.

We sometimes want to fast forward to the end of the movie to make sure it will turn out the way we hope it will.  However we know  that every scene in the movie is important. Every scene leads the characters right where they need to be and helps them become who they are meant to be. If it was just a good beginning without all the ups and downs in the middle, there couldn’t be a happy ending. We need to experience the whole story so we can truly appreciate the happy ending.

How often do we struggle with this same scenario in our real lives? As a believer, we know that God always works things out for good to them who love Him & are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)  Yet we still get our panties in a wad (as my mama would say), our hearts broken and our hopes crushed by the twists and turns that are the middle part of the movie of our life.

There are numerous times we want to hit the fast forward button just to make sure the ending is going to be good.  We want to know that this muck in the middle is worth where ever it is taking us next.  We get so caught up in the current scene that we don’t see the entire big picture.  We forget that our lives will always work out for the best and we will get that happy ending too. God has promised this to us and God doesn’t break his promises.

When you start to doubt about your happy ending, remember you have to get through all the muck in the middle to get to the happy ending otherwise the ending wouldn’t be so happy!



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