How God works things out for our good

I had posted on my personal Facebook late Friday night/early yesterday morning how excited, grateful and blessed that I was feeling about several things that were coming up and how so many things were falling in place that I have been working, hoping, praying and dreaming about. I had no idea just how evident that statement would become less than 18 hours later.

Yesterday some issues came about/came to light that could have caused a major disaster. It also would have caused a chain reaction for many of the future things I had been excited about to fall completely apart and not come to fruition at all. It also could have caused a serious financial mess for me not to mention damaging my reputation and some relationships.

Thankfully though, it all worked out, came together and was settled rather quickly. It wasn’t really until later in the day when reflecting upon the course of events over the past couple weeks that I realized just how God was orchestrating everything to work out for my best weeks in advance. I was really amazed how pieces of the puzzle began to fit together- things I really didn’t even think were a big deal or could possibly have any impact whatsoever on the situation.

Romans 8:28

Someone who witnessed the entire situation told me later how impressed they were with how professional and Christ-like I handled everything. Not only did that make me feel good, but it also humbled me. A few years ago I would have handled a situation like that completely different – and not in a good way. I think many of the things I have been through the past 2 years have humbled me, opened my eyes and caused me to grow and mature.

There were so many variables that could have caused everything to turn out so completely different yesterday including how I handled the situation. I believe if I had lost my temper, gotten really upset and chosen to not show grace or let my emotions take over, I truly believe things would not have worked out for my good.

It is a humbling reminder of how God always provides, of how things can change on a dime, of how important it is to keep yourself grounded in God’s word, in sync with His leading and to not act or react out of emotions but rather to remain humble, keep calm and to show grace in the midst of chaos.

I love the NASB version of Romans 8:28. I love how it reminds us that God is always working FOR OUR GOOD, not just working things out to be good, but for our good… “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 NASB

I am so grateful for how God allowed all of these little events, twists, turns, unexpected provisions and the timing of it all to come together so that it all worked out for our good. I am far, oh so far, from perfect and far from being the Christian and person I really should be, but just so grateful for how God still works and provides.

What about you- what can you praise & thank God for working out in your own life today? Please feel free to comment below or share this post!

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