How I enjoy spring outside & inside #FebrezeSpring

(This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.)

Ah, it is finally spring time! We had a long, cold, rough winter here in NC which makes the spring season seem even sweeter.

One of my favorite things about spring is planting flowers and gardening. My grandmother has always had beautiful flower beds all around her house.  I can remember helping her plant and water flowers when I was younger. She loves to spend time outside working and tending to her flowers.  Now that she is getting older, she does not plant near as many flowers. Watching and helping her garden will be a memory I will always cherish. Zinnia’s, marigolds, petunia’s, lilies and hyacinths are some of her favorites.

Last year was the first year I ever did my own garden on my own at my house. It was a lot of hard work to get the flower beds ready. Choosing different colors and types of flowers was a really fun experience though.  It was so exciting to see my flowers begin to bloom though. I really enjoyed watching the butterflies and bees dance around the flowers too. One of my favorite things though is to watch the bunny rabbits. We have a lot of wild rabbits around here and they are just so cute hopping around, especially the little babies. Last year, one of them really enjoyed taking shade under some of my grandmother’s lilies in  her garden and under some of the bushes at my house. 

rabbit under lily

I think gardening is a craft and artwork of it’s own. You can paint a beautiful landscape with all the different colors and sizes and styles of flowers.  It also reminds me how that everything and every person is beautiful in it’s own way and that we can work together to create a beautiful world too.

All the refreshing scents of spring are rejuvenating too. There’s nothing like the crisp, cool scent that fills the air after a fresh rain.  Or the smell (and taste) of sweet, wild honeysuckle on the vine to the aroma of a rose garden, cherry blossoms and sweet pea blooms.

While I’m waiting for all those flowers to be planted and bloom outside, I can still enjoy those scents and the memories they bring to mind inside too.  The new Febreze Spring Collection at Walmart offers much more than just room sprays to freshen up your home. Febreze now offers car vent clips, plug in and automatic air fresheners too.

febreze items

I have been cooking a lot more lately as I am trying to eat healthier. While I am loving all the home cooked meals, I hate how it makes the kitchen and house smell like food all day long. I couldn’t wait to use the plugin warmer in my kitchen to help eliminate some of those food odors and freshen it up.  Right now I am using the Sweet Pea Petals scent and I absolutely love it! It has a soft, sweet floral scent and helps take away those food odors without just overpowering you with fragrance.

Febreze BT Image

With new scents like Sweet Pea Petals, Nectar, Wildflower and Rain, Febreze can help you freshen up every space with sweet, refreshing spring time scents.  You don’t have to wait for the flowers to bloom or old man winter to finally go away to enjoy the scents, memories and renewing spirit that the spring season offers. Visit to learn more.

What are your favorite things about spring? Are there any special memories or scents that come to mind when you think about spring?  If you have tried the new Febreze Spring Collection, which scent is your favorite?  Let me know in a comment below!


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