How to enjoy eating healthier meals

If you have been browsing through my blog then you know that I am trying to eat a little healthier, lose weight and work to find more balance in my life.  I have been spending a lot of time making new recipes and learning how to make healthier versions of my favorite dishes. I also have been buying some healthier foods and meal items online as that is much more convenient. It has also helped me be able to try out some new foods and recipes that I probably would not have tried or thought of making on my own.

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If you’re looking to shape up and slim down, you can learn how to make your favorite meals healthier without sacrificing on taste and how to enjoy eating at home more. Here are a few suggestions:

Use herbs, natural seasonings and healthier oils in your cooking.  Seasoning can go a long way with making your meals more appealing. There were many herbs and seasoning blends  I had never tried or knew how to pair with different foods.  Also consider switching out regular cooking oils & butter for coconut oil. It provides numerous health benefits and works the same as other oils.

Cut out processed foods.  Eat as much natural, organic and non-additive foods that you can.  Processed foods contain so many chemicals and are missing so many essential nutrients that our bodies struggle to break them down.  If you are not a big fruit or vegetable fan, try adding in 1 or 2 new fruits or veggies each week in one meal.  You may find that you love several kinds of produce that you hated when you were younger. Our tastes change as we get older.  Since changing what I eat, my body no longer craves those sugars and starches I used to not be able to resist.

Don’t skip dessert! You can still eat sweets and satisfy those cravings, just make smarter choices and watch your portions and serving sizes. Switch full fat ice cream for frozen yogurt because believe it or not, it tastes just as good, plus you’re saving yourself a lot of fat and calories. Opt for a sugar free sauce to top it off and some fresh fruit instead of melted chocolate sauce.  Eat fruit with a sweet dip made from whipped cream, low fat cream cheese & a little orange juice or have a graham cracker or two to satisfy those cravings.

Make your table and dining experience at home visually appealing. Add a tablecloth, some candles and a lovely vase of flowers. Flowers can lighten up the mood and make your meals more enjoyable. Flowers do not only give off a refreshing smell, they can also brighten up the table even during the darkest days. You can purchase beautifully arranged bouquets online from sites like M&S to create a lovely centerpiece on your dining room table.

Eating healthy and losing weight does not have to be time consuming, expensive or overwhelming. Make better choices and change your eating and lifestyle habits bit by bit. Before you know it you will realize that you are not even thinking about or craving all those bad foods you used to indulge in. You will begin to see the weight coming off too and most of all, you will feel so much better!

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