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A wise one said, “We are most like God when we forgive.” It is easy for us to blame, but hard for us to forgive. Yet that is what we are called upon to do – to forgive everyone for everything. And the reward? In this life, the reward for forgiveness is your own happiness. Unconditional universal forgiveness is the key to your own happiness. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie 

ibloomch7 Chapter 7 of iBloom’s iChoose2 Love my Life is on the topic of Forgiveness. Ahh, this is a tough one to talk about. I am easily hurt and offended. I have a sensitive soul. I am a people pleaser and want everyone to like me.

When someone hurts me I tend to obsess over it, worry about it, let it consume me. It’s not really angry emotions that I hang onto but the hurt and fear. Fear that they will go behind my back and try to destroy friendships, relationships and my reputation.  I feel like I have to put a wall up to protect myself from getting hurt again.

I can forgive but I don’t forget easily or ever.  Which makes me wonder, if I can’t forget, am I really forgiving?  I asked this question in a small group and someone replied that not being able to forget doesn’t mean you don’t forgive, but if you are consumed by the offense or the offender – then you may not have actually forgiven them.

I need to work on not being so afraid of people hurting me or stabbing me in the back or not liking me.  I am not perfect and I will make mistakes and have had to ask forgiveness of others many times myself.  I need to remind myself of that fact, that I am not perfect, I am just forgiven by God above. As long as I do what I know I should by God and for God and to others, then I have nothing and no one to fear.

The person I have the hardest time forgiving is myself.  I seem to love beating myself up, obsessing over my mistakes and fault and wrapping myself up in guilt on a regular basis for past sins and mistakes.  It is something I have battled all of my life.

As I was going through some of my older posts, I came across this one I wrote in Sept 2011 about How Big God’s Mercy Is.  The quote that prompted it was: “It is an insult to God to think that our mistakes are bigger than His mercy.” – Matt Pitt

If God can forgive me of my sins day in and day out and remove them as far as the east is from the west, then who am I to not accept that forgiveness and forgive myself???  Yes I need to remember the lessons so I don’t repeat my mistakes, but wallowing in guilt and shame does nothing to show God’s mercy, grace, forgiveness and new life that He gives to those that come into my life.

On that same thought, if God can forgive me for my sins, then who am I to not forgive others for their mistakes, sins and hurtful things they have done to me (or people I love).  There are a couple people I need to reach out to and let them know that I have forgiven them and apologize for holding onto hurt feelings and pushing them away for way too long.

Matthew West has a wonderful song called “Forgiveness” out right now that has an even more amazing back story. Take a few minutes to watch the video below and be touched!

What about you? What are your thoughts on forgiveness? I would love it if you would comment below and share this post, thank you!


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    Hey, found you through the Heart + Home linkup…you struck a chord with me! Especially this part: “The person I have the hardest time forgiving is myself. I seem to love beating myself up, obsessing over my mistakes and fault and wrapping myself up in guilt on a regular basis for past sins and mistakes. It is something I have battled all of my life.” Boy, does that ring true for me!

    Have you ever read any of Corrie Ten Boom’s works? She lived through WWII and was put in a concentration camp for her work in helping Jews escape death. I can’t think of a woman who writes more poignantly or truthfully about forgiveness. She says, “Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.” What a thought, huh? That it’s more about your actions than your emotions. I love that.

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