In search of… Friends like me

I have lots of friends. I know lots of people. I am not shy like I used to be. I’m always chatting, texting, emailing or talking to someone.

I treasure the friendships I have. Especially those friendships where you can go days, weeks, even months without seeing or really communicating with the person and just pick up right where you left off like not a minute has passed.

My best friends now are my family, mainly my mom and my grandparents. I love them to pieces and just can’t even imagine how I will make it a day without any of them. I know I may have to face that one day though. I can’t even hardly talk about it without tearing up.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve began to experience loneliness and the desire for more friendships like never before. I’ve been single for several years now. I am totally okay and confident in being single. I always felt like I was the one of those people who kind of went against the flow. I never fit in with any particular crowd or group of people. However, I never really felt alone or lonely.

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I was talking with someone a couple weeks ago about this. About how hard it is to find people like me. People who have that entrepreneurial spirit. People who are single and confident being in that status that goes against the flow. People who are driven and motivated. Surely they are out there somewhere?

I love all my friends that I do have, don’t get me wrong. I can almost always find something in common with someone and have fun hanging out with them. It’s just different when they are all married, have kids and / or live across the country. Even some of my single friends I struggle connecting with. They have different priorities and goals or the distance just makes it impossible to spend time together. I totally understand all of that.

I just wish I could find more people like me or that had similar experiences, interests and goals…

What about you? Do you struggle with making solid friendships or finding people with the same interests or outlook on life that you have? I would love for you to share your thoughts below! Thank you!

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