Intruders and a reminder of God’s Protection

Two nights ago I was wrapping up some work online and getting ready to turn off the laptop when I heard a noise outside.  It wasn’t a loud noise. It wasn’t anything alarming, just an unusual noise.

I am a night owl and I know most of the pops, creeks, wind blowing the trees sounds. Something about this sound just wasn’t right. I grabbed my phone and my keys and peaked out the window on the side door. I didn’t see anything so I peaked out the front windows. I still didn’t see anything so I stood there and just listened and I still heard this strange noise. I decided to flip the front porch light on which is super bright. I still didn’t see anything so I walked back over to look out the window on the side door into my carport.

That’s when I saw it, an intruder, a man was in my carport!!! He was running out so I only saw his backside. I guess the front porch light turning on scared him off – thank goodness!

I was in shock, I just totally froze and couldn’t do anything. I had picked up my keys because my thought is always to hit the car alarm button should I ever see anyone outside to scare them off and hopefully alert the neighbors.  I had my keys in my hand but was just in too much shock to even think about hitting the car alarm.

I saw him run off so I wasn’t worried about him coming back and I think I was more shocked then I was afraid. Like seriously, did I just see that???  I mean  you always think what would happen if you ever looked out and saw someone, but you don’t really expect it to happen.

I stood there not breathing and shaking for a minute or two and trying to figure out do I call 911 or do I call my grandparents or what do I do???  I finally figured out how to work my phone again and called my grandparents. They live within walking distance of my house. My grandpa came right over and looked around and drove around the neighborhood but he didn’t see anyone.

After my grampa left, (though he offered to stay at my house or for me to come home with him) the anger set in. I starting thinking how dare some creep invade my space and mess with my stuff and try to take away my sense of security.  I also was thinking why in the world did I not hit my car alarm???  You just never know what you will do in a situation like that until it happens.

I am so grateful that God protected me and my home and that I was still awake. I don’t think the person was going to break in, I think he was looking through some boxes in my carport to see if there was something worth stealing.  The boxes were just empty boxes I had to use to ship things in.  I don’t think he will come back. I think it was a totally random thing.  I hope at least but I don’t really know. You never know in the crazy world we are living in now. I’m just trusting that God will continue to protect me.

Needless to say I didn’t go to sleep that night, it was about 6am before I finally went to sleep. I didn’t sleep too good last night either.  It wasn’t really fear as much as it was this feeling of  “I need to stay awake to guard my house”.  I have never been afraid all these years and I don’t intend to start being afraid or let this creep take that sense of security away now!

I have been leaving a second, brighter light on in my carport though and will continue to do so for a while at least.  It is well lit outside though, 2 street lights, a light on my side porch and on the side of my house and my neighbors are pretty observant so this dude was just brazen and stupid.

Tonight I peaked out and to my surprise, I saw another intruder! This time it was a welcome one though.  It made me smile and literally laugh out loud.

To explain I have to back up a little.  When I first moved into the house I currently live in, the first fall I was there I had a bird that would sleep in this tiny little space up in the corner of the opening of my carport. (It’s actually a garage but without a garage door so that’s why I call it a carport).  It was so cute, it just squeezed itself in this little space and his tail feathers hung down. (see picture –>)

I highly recommend that you read the post here about Georgie for all the details.  

It was a pretty amazing thing and I learned so many lessons from the time Georgie spent in my garage every night that fall.  I also found out Georgie was a sparrow, which of course reminded me of the verse and song “His eye is on the sparrow, so I know he watches over me”.

My intruder tonight was none other than a little sparrow nesting in that tiny space again. I haven’t had any birds do this since last fall and  I don’t think it was just some strange coincidence he showed up when he did this time.

For a little sparrow to be back now resting peacefully in that little spot, tonight, after what happened two nights ago with the real intruder – it is an amazing message straight from God reminding me that He’s looking over me and my home.

What an amazing God we serve, who will take the time to show us these gentle, loving reminders of His protection, love and grace.

What about you? What messages has God been sending you / reminding you of lately? Feel free to comment below!


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    I’m just glad you were OK and that nothing more serious happened. From what I’ve seen through your posts you are a pretty level headed and intelligent woman – anyone would (or should I say should) have been scared. I know I would have been for at least a few nights after.
    God always has some awesome ways of letting us know He’s around ….doesn’t he.
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    Great post! Glad he ran away too! I so agree with you God is so Amazing and never seem to fail us. Just Love Him can’t live my life without him!! Thank God you are safe!

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