Just Write… (Don’t be a Perfectionist, Don’t Waste Time, “Just Do It” – Whatever It Is)

CEO of Me- the blog has been severely neglected all month long.  I miss writing, but I have just been so busy. You know the saying “be careful what you wish for”… Well I guess I am feeling a little bit of that right now.

I decided to start my own blog/graphic design business about 6 months ago. In the past month it has taken off like a wildfire. This is so very exciting, but it is also very overwhelming trying to balance everything.  I have a hard time saying no and not biting off more than I can chew. I love to help people and I end up scheduling in more work than I can handle.

Actually it’s not the work I cannot handle, it’s not making time for myself, my blog, my Tupperware business and family & volunteer activities too.  Balancing life is always so hard. When you are self-employed it is hard to say no to work and yes to yourself and your family.

I have a zillion ideas for some great articles and tutorials that I want to write.  I could probably carve out time to write one post a day or every other day, so why don’t I?  It is because I am a perfectionist.  I don’t feel like I can just toss up a post, whip out a tutorial, plop down a recipe or craft idea. It has to be “just so”, arranged a certain way and proof read ten times. The title and image have to be perfect.

I love to write and I have so much I want to share. I want this blog to become a community of supportive women (and men) and not just me tossing words on a screen randomly.  I just seem to have this problem where I cannot just sit down and “just write”…

I have had enough of being overwhelmed and feeling like I have to be available 24/7. Tonight I set hours for my design business and posted on the site that I would be available Mon – Thurs afternoons and evenings and Friday afternoons for design inquiries.  I have Tupperware, Relay for Life, church & family events and obligations literally every Saturday & Sunday. I also need to make more time to be there and offer training and coaching to my fabulous Tupperware team members.  I am going to work on making a little time to “just write” on this blog and not worry about my articles and posts being perfect.  I am not perfect and for this blog to be genuinely my own, I need to be myself and “just write” more…

What about you, are you a blogger that also needs to “just write”? Or maybe a direct sales consultant that needs to “just get to work”? Or a mom who needs to “just spend more quality time with your kids”?  Whatever you need to “just do” – “just do it” now! Life is too short to not “just be” the best that you can be!

Image Source: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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