Landing Your Dream Job: 5 Confidence-Boosting Tips

If you are not ready to venture out and start your own full time home based business, there is no reason to stay in a job you do not love. ¬†Have the courage to go out there and apply for your dream job. When it comes to landing your dream job, you’re going to need more than the proper credentials. And while the right education and experience are musts, there are many other factors that can contribute to your landing the position of your dreams. One of those factors, and perhaps the most important, is confidence. And, believe it or not, exuding inner confidence is not as difficult as it seems.¬†

With the following tips, you can walk into that job interview, wow your potential employers and find yourself in the position you want and deserve.

1. Plan Ahead

ID-10066417Prior to a job interview, it’s important to create a plan of action. Figure out exactly what you want, and list those things in order of importance. For example, list your salary range, the benefits you need, the schedule that works best for you, etc.

So that you’re comfortable repeating this information during a job interview, practice stating your career needs in a firm, yet pleasant, tone. Most employers appreciate employees who are clear about their wants and needs; however, you may want to leave a few things up for negotiation. Also, list your specific strengths, then think of how they’ll help facilitate the growth and success of the company to which you’re applying.

2. Practice

Unless this is your very first job interview, you’re probably familiar with the way they work. Practice answering the usual interview questions, and keep at it until you’re comfortable with your responses. Another great idea is to think back to previous interviews, and use any past mistakes to your advantage. Practice stating your accomplishments, experience and educational background, as well as personal strong suits like your commitment to your work and your eagerness to become a part of the company in question.

3. Look Your Best

Looking your best is essential when it comes to landing your dream job. Not only will it show your potential employers that you take pride in appearances, but it will send your confidence soaring and increase your odds of interview success.

Remember, though, that looking one’s best means different things for different people, and job interviews aren’t the time to experiment with new looks. Go with what works best for you, whether that means fresh highlights, minimal makeup or bright red lips. To add a healthy glow to your skin, make sure to stick with a healthy skincare regimen, and choose products that work best for your skin’s unique needs.

To ensure that you’re using the right products, companies like¬†DDF Skin Care¬†offer skincare consultations, which means that clients can find the product lines that work best for them on an individual level. The result is less irritation, enhanced effectiveness, and clear, glowing skin that will boost confidence in any situation.

4. Dress the Part

There’s no denying the importance of personal style; however, taking a potential work environment into consideration is crucial when deciding on the perfect outfit for your interview. To err on the side of caution, conservative attire is probably best. Leave the short skirts and cleavage-baring tops at home, and dress as professionally as possible.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with adding personal touches to your ensemble. For example, you could spice up an understated outfit with an eye-catching brooch, a colorful scarf, interesting jewelry or other accessories. Just don’t overdo it! One or two pieces should be more than enough.

5. Fake It

Let’s face it: job interviews can bring out the insecurities in all of us. Thankfully, though, faking self-confidence is simple. Remember to sit up straight, smile, walk with purpose, and speak in a clear, even tone. The good news is that, while you may not feel as confident as you look, your potential employer won’t know the difference. And after awhile, you may begin to fool yourself, and your inner self-assurance will match your outer appearance.

Good luck!

(This is a Guest Post by Sara Stringer)

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