Finding Humor & Blessings in Life’s Little Messes

This other morning I was taking a shower and (ok it was this afternoon… I’m not a morning person remember) I was in mid shampoo when I see something fuzzy moving across the top of the wall.  I’m blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses but I can definitely tell there is something brownish & fuzzy moving. I carefully reach out the shower curtain and grab my glasses.  Then when everything comes into focus what do I see but my arch enemy – a spider!

Of course I screamed like a girl (wouldn’t you?). Then I jump out of the shower and of course didn’t think to cut the water off. I run to get a shoe, water dripping everywhere & shampoo suds flying behind me. When I get back in the bathroom in all of 2 seconds, I can’t find the spider.  I carefully shake the shower curtain, look beside the sink and everywhere but no spider. I know this spider has to be here somewhere and I am not getting back in that shower until he is gone.

I still haven’t thought to turn the water off of course and shampoo is running down my face now.  I still don’t see the spider and I’m starting to contemplate just washing out my hair and taking a bird bath in the kitchen sink.

Finally I see the spider in the tub, shriveled up and drowning.  He was probably already dead or at least on his way, but I still whacked him with my flip flop a few times just for good measure.  I usually flush spiders because I’m afraid they might come back to life and crawl out of the trash can and come and get me. However since the water was still running in the shower, I knew flushing would mess up the water pressure and make it be 200 degrees when I got back in so I just smashed him up really good in the rather large wad of sopping wet toilet paper.

I am deathly afraid of spiders. I have an irrational fear that I will be bit by a poisonous spider one night and die from the bite all alone here in my house…

Since the floor is totally soaking wet I figured I might as well mop the bathroom floor…  I hate mopping so I had been putting it off for a while… Of course I did finish my shower first.

Oh but wait, the fun and adventures don’t stop there though!

Later that afternoon I was preparing my delicious gourmet lunch of frozen chicken nuggets and Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries (which I got for less than $1 a bag with coupons last month!). I was also filling up my tumbler with apple juice  (doesn’t everyone have apple juice with their chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries?)  while talking on the phone with my mother.  I’m sure you can guess where this is going by now, yes I knocked over the entire 24 oz tumbler of apple juice into the kitchen floor and all over my right leg.  Not only is my floor covered in apple juice I also look like I just peed myself. Great…

Apparently I was supposed to mop my floors that day…

As I’m busy cleaning up my mess of course I forget about the sweet potato fries in the oven.

Cold chicken nuggets & extra crispy sweet potato fries anyone???  :)

While my first reaction was to be aggravated, to complain and pout, I am trying very hard to not let these little messes make me forget how big I’ve been blessed.  (Can you hear me singing that song by Francesca Battistelli very off tune and slightly out of rhythm and totally out of tune?)

After all, there’s no use crying over spilled apple juice & creepy crawly spiders, right?

I was able to sleep in today, take a hot shower and afford to leave the water running during my spider escapade. I had food to eat and the physical ability to clean up another one of my clumsy messes.

The next time you experience a little mess (or several little messes) let it remind you to stop and think about how big you’ve been blessed too. :)


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