Livin’ on Love

This weekend has been a celebration of love in a couple of ways. Friday night one of my best friends got married to a great guy. It was a beautiful ceremony that fit both of their personalities. I am so happy for them and excited to see all the blessings that God has in store for their future. Also, today is my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years is a long time to be married, especially in today’s time when 65% of marriages end in divorce and last only 12 years or less on average.

My grandparents have a great love story. My grandfather was a bit of a bad boy when they first met.  There was instant attraction on my grandfather’s part. He asked my grandmother out on a date and she told him no, her daddy would not let her date a guy like  him.  He persisted and asked her out a couple more times and she continued to say no.

After realizing she would never go out with him unless he straightened up, he told his friends one night that this would be the last night of partying for him, that he was going to straighten up and marry that girl someday.  Not long after, my grandmother and her sister agreed to go on a double date with my grampa and his friend. Less than 3 months later they were married.

While it wasn’t a happily ever after story (real love never is), they have set a great example of what love is and how you should treat your spouse. The first few years of their marriage were very tough, they didn’t have much money or much of anything really, so they truly were living on love (like the Allan Jackson song).

If you ask them what the secret is to still being married after 50 years, my grampa will tell you it’s “her good looks & his money”. :)  Then they will share the real answer to the question: “commitment, communication, compromise, putting the other person first and most of all being each other’s best friend.  Money, sex, passion, excitement, they will all fade and happy times do not last. Marriage & love and all the above are things you have to work on every single day.”

You can tell just from being around them how much they love each other and  how committed they are to putting the other person first. I’m so grateful that God gave me these two special people as my grandparents. I’m grateful to have grown up around an example of real love and how a Godly marriage should be.

What about you – do you or someone you know also have a great love story & a great example of what a good marriage is? Feel free to share by commenting below.



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