Losing weight… Joining in on a 5 week Living & Active Challenge

I have been working for almost two months now to make some big changes in my lifestyle. I am working to eat healthier, think more positive and exercise more.   It’s not just about losing weight to me, it’s about finding myself again. (Read this post to learn more).   I want to be that motivated, positive, excited, inspirational person I used to be!

As part of this committment to making positive changes, I am joining in a 5 Week Fall Challenge over at Peak 313 Fitness. I am so excited about this challenge! It’s a 3 part challenge including physical activity, spiritual activity & accountability.  It starts TODAY!

Clare (from Peak 313 Fitness) shared her inspiration for starting this challenge: ”

(O)ne day in church, we were reading in Hebrews and came upon 4:12.

“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

It hit me square between the eyes and gave me the inspiration to start this challenge: “Living and Active”.  My goal and passion is to get you into God’s Word which holds the keys to getting us Living & Active!”

If you are interested in joining in the challenge, just visit this link to learn more & sign up.  I will continue to post weekly about my progress and the lessons I am learning while losing weight and finding myself.

Here’s to getting fit physically & spiritually!



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    OH! So excited you decided to join!!! Will you give the posted videos a try? I did so today but I may go back to my Walk Away the Pounds… LOVE them :0).
    Day one and I was able to work out and keep to my SBD (South Beach Diet) so far. I have found of all the eating styles—that sounds so much NICER than diet :0)—I have gotten the healthiest following Weight Weight Watchers or SBD. I am not a fan of the “new” WW plan so here I am back with an oldie. Thing is I have a hard time with…you guessed it! CONSISTENCY! I do well for a few weeks but have yet to make REAL changes that last. I always have a “reason”…a surgery, a hospitalization, the holidays, vacation, etc. I say i will stick with or get back into it and then 3,4,5 months passes before I am back at this again. I am praying for resilience and continuity! Hmm? This reply is just like the one I planned for my blog and for the Peak313 site. I think i will just copy it to there and save my fingers some energy…wait! How many calories does that burn 0_0?? Here’s to a GREAT week!
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      Unfortunatley I didn’t get my work out in today. Mondays are crazy for me and I had a horrible day… :( I need to try to make myself get up earlier and work out first. I usually enjoy working out late at night best because then I am actually more tired and able to sleep better, lol (I have bad insomnia)… Will try to do better tomorrow…

      I struggle with letting stress and depression get in the way… :(

      Wishing you a great week & lots of success Donna!

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    Reducing weight is not that difficult if you eat right along with regular exercise. I am glad that you are motivated to lose weight naturally by making few changes in your lifestyle. As this is the best way to reduce weight naturally which gives you long lasting results.


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