Losing weight one step at a time…

Last week I wrote my first post about my journey to living a healthier life – Losing Weight and Finding Myself…  I know this is an issue many people are dealing with (or avoiding like I did for so long) so I have decided to start posting at least a couple times a month on more lessons I am learning as I lose weight.

My new to me treadmill (and my new walking/running shoes!)

I had been looking for a good, used treadmill on Craigslist for a couple weeks. I thought I had found one but the lady sold it out from under me.  Late Thursday night I saw another one posted that looked like a great deal. I called Friday and the lady was very nice and was willing to take a little less. My dad drove me as it was an area I wasn’t too familiar with (and I needed to borrow his SUV to haul it anyways).  The lady and her son were very nice and we had one of those “small world” moments too. It turns out my dad worked with the lady’s parents for about nine years several years ago.  It was nice to buy something from someone who was nice and that had a little connection like that. I love when things work out that way. :)

I got the treadmill home and it fit just perfect in my office. The first night I decided to do the Couch to 5k daily workout on it. That day was day 3 of week 2.

I started out fine, walking, then brisk walking. I was feeling good, walking on my new treadmill, music blasting, calories burning…

Then came time to jog for a minute & 30 seconds.

Reality check…

Running on a treadmill is WAY harder than running on the road or a track.

I…thought…I…was…going…to…die… Or at least pass out or fall out (or both).

Even though I couldn’t make it jogging the full minute and a half on all the jogging intervals, I ran as long as I could each time (only about thirty seconds) then just walked as fast as I could (while gasping for air and guzzling a gallon of water).

I normally would have been discouraged, but I was proud of myself for pushing on (once my breathing was normal and I had full oxygen flowing back to my brain).  I even got up the next morning and worked out again.

And that is what it will take, just getting up each day and trying again until it gets easier (and I can breath easier when I am running on the treadmill)… :)

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb  (Especially if you are on a treadmill!)

So how about you? Are you still sitting on the couch? Get up and get moving. If I can do it, so can you!  Are you on a weight loss journey too? Feel free to comment below with anything you are learning or a link to your weight loss post(s)!



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    Hi, I have been trying to walk on the treadmill a few times a week. My goal is to walk on it every day. I have a hard time finding time some days. I have been also watching my calories. It has helped some. It makes me realize how important my food choices truly are. This week I decided to try and eat more protein so that as I pull the weight off I can build muscle. I have a friend online that was inspired by my efforts and we are using myfitnesspal.com. If you decide to watch what you eat try that with the walking, its working for me and its free.
    I can’t run for more than 45 seconds, then I walk a bit then I try and run again. I think just walking is a great start!
    Jennifer Wells recently posted…First Day of SchoolMy Profile

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      Thanks Jennifer! I have been changing my eating signifantly too. I started with that then implemented exercise too. I’ve lost about 9 lbs – last I checked. I’m only weighing myself once a month as I’m not focused on the #’s. Trying to just change my habits and schedule and all. :) Kudos to you as well for working to get fit. Hope you are doing good otherwise too! :)

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