Losing Weight… When the camera adds 40 pounds…

The past couple months I have been writing about my journey to try to lose some weight and live healthier. It has not been easy. I have fallen off the wagon more than once and I am really struggling to get back going like I should. I have not lost any weight in 4 weeks. (I haven’t gained any either though so that’s good at least.)

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Looking at some recent pictures of myself from our trip to TN, I am just in shock.  I know they say the camera adds 10 pounds but I swear my camera adds 40 pounds!

While post people tend to think are bigger than what they really are, I seem to have the opposite problem.  I look at pictures of myself and they do not look like what I see in the mirror. I swear I am not as big as the girl in the pictures.  I do not feel that I look that overweight when I picture myself in my head.

Am I in denial? Is that part of why I have such a hard time sticking to a weight loss or exercise program? Am I just not letting myself truly see how unhealthy I am.

Now don’t get me wrong, beauty is only skin deep and yes it truly is what’s on the inside that counts.  However, we are to treat our bodies as a temple and take our health seriously per God’s Word.

After seeing those pictures and checking all the settings on my camera to make sure the wide angle wasn’t on, I know it’s not the camera that’s added 40 pounds… It’s me and my bad habits and bad choices.  It’s just more motivation to get back on track and keep working to get healthy! :)

What about you, have you ever been in denial about your weight gain or any other lifestyle change you needed to make? Feel free to comment and share below!


  1. Shannon Lemos says

    I was the same way. I seen some pictures from vacation and freaked out. I could not believe how I looked, I did not think I was that big when I looked in the mirror. Those pictures were my motivation and what helped me kick my butt in gear.

  2. says

    I feel for you Misty!! I’m currently trying to lose weight I’ve gained in pregnancy (from 4 years ago!) and have recently gotten back into the gym where I work out with a group of older ladies (am I one of those now???) who call themselves the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants. Um, mine aren’t shrinking yet…

    One of the ladies told me about an app called My Fitness Pal. I hate counting calories and points so Weight Watchers doesn’t do it for me. I have to say, this is the coolest app and has really opened my eyes about what I eat! So far, every food I’ve typed in comes up (even stuff from Aldi’s and Sam’s Club) and gives me all of the nutritional information. Now I’m actually refusing to eat sandwiches for lunch because I’m wasting 220 on 2 slices of bread! Even my revered Starbuck’s Venti Skinny CInnamon Dolce Latte has 160 calories and 21 grams of sugar (that puts me in the NEGATIVE for daily sugar!) That is A LOT when trying to consume 1200 calories or less and 27 grams of sugar or less. It even tracks your exercise and the best part is you can friend other people and get updates to make it motivating.

    Good Luck!

    • says

      Thanks Tracey! I have heard a few other people talk about My Fitness Pal, I need to check it out. I just let time overwhelm me and don’t make myself or my health a priority! Most days I don’t even eat 3 full meals, but I don’t eat what’s right, don’t eat at normal / regular hours and I don’t get enough sleep half the time either, so need to work on balancing life more!

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