Manwich Memories & a Sloppy Joe Cheese Dip Recipe

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One of my favorite meals my mom would make when I was growing was Manwiches. For her, it was a quick and easy meal option after a hectic day, especially on those busy Mondays of getting us kids back in the groove with school, practice and homework. For the rest of the family, it always seemed like a special treat and brought everyone to the table together.


Everyone in my family eats their Manwiches a little bit different. You can see each of our personalities in how we eat our Manwiches. My mom likes to just add a slice of cheese to hers & eat plain potato chips with hers. I like to add 2 pieces of cheese and I would always get too much meat on mine so I could eat the extra with tortilla chips. My brother liked cheese and hot sauce on his. My dad would add cheese &  mustard and sometimes slaw too.  That is the great thing about Manwiches, everyone can eat theirs however they like them, just meat and bread or extra toppings or as a yummy dipping sauce for chips.

As I now have a busy household of my own, I find myself relying on Manwiches for a quick meal solution too.  Now that there are different flavors of Manwich sauce, you can really get creative and make up all kinds of quick, easy & delicious recipes.  They offer Manwich Original, Manwich Bold and Manwich Thick & Chunky. To learn more about Manwich products, visit the products page at

One of my favorite ways to use the Manwich Bold is for taco’s! Just add some lettuce, cheese, sour cream and a tortilla shell and you can have a Mexican Manwich Monday.

sloppy joe tacos

Another recipe that is always a party favorite with friends & family is my Sloppy Joe Cheese Dip. It is great with tortilla chips and you can enjoy it mild or make it spicy by adding hot sauce & jalapenos. You can find the recipe for my Sloppy Joe Dip here.

Sloppy Joe Cheese Dip Recipe

Wednesday, March 18 is National Sloppy Joe Day. It would be a great time to try one of the new flavors and enjoy a meal together with your family too. You can sign up for the ReadySetEat enewsletter and get even more Manwich recipe

Do you have any Manwich Mondays Recipes or fun memories like I shared? I would love if you would leave a comment below and share this post. Thank you!

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