Missed Opportunities

She stands there all alone on the dock. She’s gazing at the boats as they go by. She sees all the happy families on board. She watches as they move out deeper in the sea, closer to their destination.

The wind blows her hair as the reality of it all rattles her soul. The sun warms her face as the good memories melt her heart. The waves crash on the shore as the tears sting her eyes.

She finally looks at her watch and sees that she is too late. She smiles a sad smile and heaves a heavy sigh.  She realizes she has missed her boat.

As the sun starts to set, she knows that she has missed many, many boats over her life. She feels in her soul that it is just too late for some boats, some doors and some opportunities.

Maybe one day she’ll learn to not wait. Maybe one day she’ll just learn how to build her own boat. Maybe one day she’ll be brave enough to navigate life her own way. Maybe one day she’ll realize everything is still okay.

She doesn’t want to go home but she doesn’t want to stay here. She’s stuck watching everyone else’s lives move on while hers stands still.

“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” – Eric Roth

missed opportunities


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