Motivating Monday Link Up 5-13-13

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Special hugs & prayers to those who have lost their moms, lost a child or struggled with infertility.

Today is Motivating Monday here on CEO of Me. Each Monday I share a motivational thought or quote and then invite you all to link up your motivating, creative or helpful posts too.

My thought today comes from a post on Ann Voskamp’s blog titled: When you feel like everyone is bigger, better, smarter (or how to be a star).  “When the world strives — the wise still. It’s the only way to feel God’s embrace. The whole world could compete to be heard and esteemed and known and get ahead. You can give up the need to compete in the world — when you accept being complete in Christ.  There’s no need to keep up with the Jonses’ when you are keeping company with Jesus.” – Ann Voskamp Read More:

I admit I fall into that trap often. Those feelings of inadequacy, of having to to be better, do better, make sure that people think I am a smart, strong, capable and a good person hinder me from living a life of joy and peace.  I need to remember to “be still” more and let God work and move instead of striving so hard to make things happen on my own.  I encourage you to do the same, to love yourself for who you are (beautiful, kind, caring, smart, funny, giving, loving) and to let go of feelings of inadequacy or the need to compete.

Motivating Monday Link up at CEO of Me

Now it’s time for you to share and find some motivation and inspiration for our week ahead!  

Please feel free to add your family friendly posts to the linky below! Anything motivating, inspiring, household tip, recipe, craft or diy idea. Anything family friendly, but no giveaways, coupons or deals please. 

PLEASE DON’T link & run. Please visit a few other sites that linked up and comment or share their posts too.  We can all encourage and help each other succeed.

The linky will be open until Friday night.  I look forward to seeing your posts that you link up below. I also try to comment on, Tweet or Pin EVERY post that is linked up. :)

*While not required, I would appreciate if you would include the button or a text link back to this post or my site in your post that you link up and/or if you would share this link up on your social media sites. Please use #motivatingmonday when tweeting. Thank you!

Motivating Monday Link Up at CEO of Me



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