Motivating Monday Link Up! It’s back!!! #motivatingmonday

Happy 2013 friends! I am excited to be posting the weekly Motivating Monday link up again!  Please feel free to add your family friendly posts to the linky below! Anything motivating, inspiring, household tip, recipe, craft or diy idea. Anything family friendly, but no giveaways please. :) The linky will be open until Friday night. Starting next week I’ll be featuring a couple of my favorite things that were linked up in the previous week.

My motivating thought for you this week comes from this quote:

“How you live your days is how you live your life.” -Anon.  I shared this in my post last week with 4 ways to make sure you reach your goals and resolutions.  Changes come from making the right choices in the small things day in and day out.  If you are not happy with your life, you have the power to change it by changing how you live your life.  This year I am choosing to make lots of positive changes and taking them on one at a time instead of all at once. I want to encourage you to choose just one thing you want to change and make a plan to reach that goal or make that change. Then when you reach it, focus on your next goal.  You only have one life to live so make the most of it!

Mondays can be tough so let’s share and find some motivation and inspiration for our week ahead! I look forward to seeing your posts that you link up below & I will try to share as many of them as I can on Twitter too!

Let’s make it a GREAT week!


*While not required, I would appreciate if you would include the button or a text link back to this post in your post that you link up and/or if you would share this link up on your social media sites. Please use #motivatingmonday when tweeting. Thank you! :)


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    I love this! You will be amazed on how big the impact is that you can do to your life just by simply changing your point of view or changing your feelings about certain things. It’s up to you if you will be affected about things in a positive or negative way.

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