Mr. Speedypants (Learning to Wait)

Picture this: you’re driving down the highway on a nice sunny day, enjoying the scenery, the cruise control is on & there’s good music is on the radio. Things are going good when all of a sudden you look in the rear view mirror & notice there is another car all over your bumper. Before you know it, the driver of the car is whipping around you and flying on up the highway. No harm done on your end, you just keep going at the same speed, enjoying the rest of the drive.

A few miles & several minutes down the road, you get to your exit. Guess who is turning on to the exit ramp right in front of you? Yes, it’s Mr. Speedypants who whipped around you & hurried on up the road.  His impatience and desire to speed on ahead didn’t really benefit him at all, did it? You both ended up at the same destination at the same time. You, however enjoyed the ride & Mr. Speedypants, well his blood pressure is probably sky high & he’s probably doing a lot of grumbling.

There have been many times I have been like Mr. Speedypants in my spiritual & personal life. I try to whip around God’s plans and get wherever it is I think I’m supposed to be going as quick as I can.  I feel like I have to go as fast as I can, do as much as I can and get to the next point in the journey as quick as I can.

It seems like I’m always trying to figure out the next step, the next path, the next place God is trying to move me to.  No matter how hard I try though, I still don’t get to the exit any faster than God wanted me to. Everything always happens in His perfect timing.

Lately I have really felt like God was wanting me to move or asking me to let go of a certain dream and move on to a new one. Tonight as I drove home and had a Mr. Speedypants whiz past me, only for me to catch up with him later on, it really made me start thinking.  What if the place God is wanting me to move to is simply a place of being still & waiting on Him?

What if I’m missing out on tremendous blessings, lessons and joy that are right here in front of me? What if this is the whole point to the struggle I have been going through the past couple months? What if it’s not about God moving me on to a different place, to a new dream and having to let go of old dreams? What if it’s just about me getting to a place where I depend, trust & focus more on Him, His will & His plans.

To all my Speedypants cousins, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the ride. Take the time to stop and see what God is trying to show you right here, right now. Experience Him today,  right here & right now. Don’t try to whip ahead of His plans or His timing. After all, it’s not about just getting to the Promised Land, it’s about growing in faith and experiencing God along the journey.

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    “What if the place God is wanting me to move to is simply a place of being still & waiting on Him?” Oh friend, that question SO struck me. I SO needed that reminder as I struggle through wanting to know what the future holds. God definitely has me waiting and I definitely need to learn to just be still instead of trying to figure it all out. Thank you!! And thank you for linking up with The Waiting Room Link Up :)
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