My 2013 Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year! I took the past couple days off from blogging and haven’t been online much either. I have been thinking about what goals I wanted for 2013 for several weeks and wanted to share them here.

I found a really cool New Year’s Resolutions Printable sheet here that I printed and have filled out. (It is a teacher’s website for printables for students but I thought it was perfect for us adults too!) I have shared it with my Tupperware team and encouraged them to fill it out too.

I love that it asks you to write a description of “Me in 2013”, your Top 5 Resolutions & your #1 Goal for 2013.  It also has a space to fill in your best memory(ies) of 2012. I think it is important to celebrate the good times and any accomplishments, even if they were small or not the ones you intended to reach.  There is also a section to list what you want to get better at, improve on, how you will help others and make a difference.

*How I see “Me in 2013”: Confident, Healthy, Joyful, Inspiring, Faithful, Empowering, Laughing, Closer to being Debt Free,  Making a Difference

*My Top Five Resolutions:

1. Closer relationship with God

2. Lose Weight (no specific #, just focusing on living healthier and losing weight)

3. Paying off more debt (I will have all debt except 1 personal loan paid off by the end of the year, been working towards this goal for 4 years and so excited to see the real end in sight!)

4. Continue to grow and build my Tupperware business and help my team members reach their goals

5. Make great memories and live a more balanced life

*My #1 Goal for 2013 is BALANCE!  In every relationship, business venture and area of my life, balance is my goal, keeping the right priorities a priority, not getting overwhelmed and over-stressed and living a better, more joyful life.

*Best Memory of 2012 – 3 trips with family/friends and lots of laughter and memories made with my family.

Yesterday I shared 4 Ways to Make Sure You Reach Your Goals & Dreams by deciding, declaring, acting and staggering them. I am going to be applying those 4 principles to my own goals this year.

In January I’m focusing on getting my household organized, doing some re-decorating and minor remodeling. I want to get on a better routine for housework and keeping systems in place to keep my house and my home office in order. I am also going to be focusing on my #1 goal of balance by working smarter, not harder. This includes not checking my email obsessively and turning off my laptop and getting some sleep instead of working half the night and being a zombie the next day. I have to be sure I am getting enough sleep and living /working more normal hours is part of finding that balance.

I will be sharing more inspiration & ideas for life and business here on CEO of Me® as I continue on this crazy journey of life.  Here’s to an awesome 2013!

What are your goals & resolutions for 2013? I would love if you would share them in the comments below or leave a link to your blog post about your goals/resolutions!  Thank you again for being part of and supporting CEO of Me!


  1. Julia says

    I love thinking about what took place during the previous year and setting goals for the next year. I’m a planner at heart and while I don’t always accomplish every goal I set, the plan certainly sets me off in the right direction every year.

    • says

      I am a planner too Julia! Sometimes I even write things down that I accomplished that weren’t on my list just to have something else marked as completed, lol!

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