My word, theme, focus for 2015 is…

For the past several years I have chosen a word, phrase or theme to be my focus for the year. I have found that choosing a theme word for the year helps keep me more aligned with my goals, purpose, passion and resolutions. I also create a vision board or theme board specific to my word of the year. This year I did a digital mission board.

My word for 2015 is “authentic freedom”.  I know it is actually two words, so let me explain why I chose authentic freedom.

I feel like true freedom (or at least my own freedom) is only going to be achieved through authenticity. At the same time you have to free yourself from so many fears, doubts and limitations to be able to be authentic. I believe both work together in unison and by working on being more authentic I can gain freedom from the things that have been holding me back so I can step into the person I am meant to be and make the biggest impact on the world around me.

In 2015 I want to work more on being myself, the person I really, truly am. I want to be more open, I want to share and connect more and on deeper levels with other people, especially my family and close friends. I want to stop holding myself back from being as awesome as I can be because of being afraid of what other people will think. I want to stop caring whether I fit in or not.

I plan to achieve those goals by first being more consistent in doing my devotions and praying as well as finding a new group of believers I can connect with to encourage my spiritual growth. I also am very excited to be participating in a year-long business mentorship & incubator program (the Conquer Club). This will help me successfully launch new products and turn CEO of Me into a legitimate business where I can offer coaching and support for other small business owners (and not just a site I sporadically blog on). I have also set goals for my Tupperware business, refreshed my business systems, updated training & systems for supporting my team members all year long. I am going to focus on building deeper relationships with my family, friends and like minded entrepreneurs. I want to continue following a clean eating lifestyle at least 80% of the time. Doing this the last quarter of 2014 has changed my life – physically and mentally. I also want to implement an exercise plan of some type in 2015 and maybe take part in a fitness challenge. I have set financial goals for savings, donating and a vacation fund. I have also created a new weekly work system to help me be more efficient as I balance life, running two successful businesses, finishing college and tackling all the other personal development goals that I have.

I found two quotes relating to my theme word that I want to share:

“Authentic Freedom is the power to do what we ought to do, the power to choose the good, the true and the beautiful. That will vanquish fear every time. Freedom has to be united with truth. There is no freedom outside of the truth.” Fr. John Corapi 

authentic freedom quote


“Be who YOU really are. Often people attempt to live their lives BACKWARDS; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so they will be HAPPIER. The way it actually works is the REVERSE. You must FIRST be who YOU really are, then DO what you need to do, in order to HAVE what you want. – Margaret Young

I have just seen so clearly lately that am never going to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, I am never going to be able to share my unique gifts, talents and experiences and make a real impact on the world if I do not let my real self shine through. That is why I want to focus on “authentic freedom” this year.

What about you? Have you chosen a word or theme for this year? Or do you have a vision or mission board or 2015 goals already mapped out? I would love if you would leave a comment and let me know what it is or leave a link to your blog post on the topic. I would also appreciate you sharing this post too! Thank you!

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