No Sew DIY Ruffled Lampshade Tutorial

Recently I took one of my plain, boring lampshades and made it into a pretty, ruffled custom decorated lampshade. I used a hot glue gun, wide wired ribbon and a flower. No sewing was required for this easy do it yourself ruffled lampshade makeover. It was very easy to make and only took me about thirty minutes. Below is the tutorial to make your own no sew DIY ruffled lampshade.

dNo Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

Items needed:

Hot Glue Gun
Wide Wired Ribbon
Optional: Flowers, smaller ribbon for the trim


1. The first thing I did was cut off a piece of the ribbon about three times the diameter of the base of the lamp shade.

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

2. Next I took the piece of ribbon and pinched it together about every inch and a half. Since it was wired ribbon this was very easy.

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

3. Then I used a little bit of hot glue between the top of the ribbon’s “ruffles” and pinched it together so the ruffles would stay in place.  Just be careful to not get too much hot glue here so that it doesn’t bleed through the ribbon or show at the top of it. (Also don’t burn your fingers when pinching the ribbon together.)

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

4. Once I had all of the “ruffles” glued together at the top of my ribbon, I proceeded to glue the long ruffled ribbon onto the bottom of the lampshade.  I found it best and easiest to do this by applying about an inch to an inch and a half of hot glue directly to the shade, then applying the ribbon to it. I continued to work my way around the base of the lampshade in small sections like this until I met the beginning of the ribbon. I cut off the excess and then used a little hot glue to connect the pieces where the ribbon started and ended so it would look like one continuous piece of ribbon.

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

5. I let the shade sit for a few minutes to let the glue completely dry.  Then I used another piece of the same wired ribbon to create a simple small bow. I hot glued it to the lamp shade right above the ruffle on the front of the shade.

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by


6. For a final touch, I simply hot glued a small rosebud flower to the center of the bow that I made to complete the look. Once it had dried, I put the lampshade back on the lamp and pushed the wired ribbon ruffle down so it didn’t look like it was flared out.


That’s all there was to this simple, easy, no sew DIY ruffled lampshade! You could use any color or style of wired ribbon and any other embellishments besides a bow and flower.  Total cost was less than $5 for the ribbon and flower as I got them half off at Hobby Lobby.  I still have enough ribbon left over to use for a couple other projects too!

No Sew DIY Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade by

What do you think about my lampshade project? I would LOVE it if you would leave a comment below and pin it or share it! Thank you!


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