Pig Pickin’s in Winston-Salem, NC – Local Restaurant Review!

This weekend I took my dad (and mom) out to eat for Father’s Day. I know it’s September so you may be confused by that statement. My dad was out of town during Father’s Day. We have all had a busy summer and had a hard time finding a time to get together.  As a Restaurant.com Blogger, I have been compensated to provide reviews of local restaurants so when I saw that Pig Pickin’s in Winston-Salem had a special offer on Restaurant.com , I decided to grab the deal. I remembered that my dad loved to eat there years ago and that the food was great!

pig pickins winston-salem nc review

When I told my dad, he was confused because he thought Pig Pickin’s had closed down. I was confused too and wondering why they would have a coupon available if they were no longer open. I was able to pull up their website and find out that the restaurant had actually been bought out by someone else and just moved to a different location.

We were not really sure what to expect when we arrived. We were hoping the food and service would be the same and just as good as before.  The restaurant is now off of Reynolda Road in a much smaller building.

I was surprised how few other people were there considering it was a Saturday evening. However it had been raining all day and there was a chance of bad storms that evening. It actually stormed really bad while we were at the restaurant. (That is why my several of my pictures are so dark.)

When we were seated and received the menu’s, they were totally different from before.  I was surprised at the large selection and different types of food on the menu.  It did not appear to be your regular barbecue joint.  We asked the waitress for recommendations but she kindly told us she had only been working there a week and did not really know much about the food yet.

pig pickins winston-salem nc menu review

My dad ordered a combo plate with BBQ pork and BBQ chicken. My mom decided to go with just BBQ Chicken. I decided to be a little adventurous and get a BBQ Chicken Burrito. It was definitely something I had never tried before.

We had to wait an unusually long time for the food. Considering there was only 1 other couple in the restaurant the entire time we were there, we really did not understand what the hold up was.

When the food came though it looked delicious. My dad dived right into his BBQ pork & chicken plate before I could get a good picture of it.  My mom said their hush puppies were the best she had ever eaten.

pig pickins winston-salem nc review

I was not really sure what to expect with my BBQ Chicken Burrito but wow was it delicious!  It was a soft flour tortilla slightly toasted on the grill filled with delicious BBQ chicken, cheese, peppers and onions.  It came with lettuce, tomato, salsa and some chips on the side. I did not eat any of those and was wishing I had asked for hushpuppies instead after swiping some from my mom’s plate.


What I have to say I liked the best and was most surprised by was the Cheerwine Sauce on the table. My mom was the first to notice the container of it sitting with the hot sauce, regular BBQ sauce and ketchup.  I tasted it and was seriously ready to drown my burrito in it.

If you are not from this part of the South you may not know what Cheerwine is, so let me explain.  Cheerwine is a soft drink made here in NC. It is a type of cherry / dark cola.  It is not like a cherry soda or Cherry Coke though, it is way better.   This Cheerwine Sauce was like a Cheerwine BBQ sauce. A perfect balance of sweet, spicy, tangy deliciousness in a bottle. It was great on the chicken especially but frankly I could have dipped about anything in it and been happy.

We ordered some items to go for my brother. He said the HogZilla Burger was really good and also agreed that the hush puppies were some of the best he had tried.  My dad got a couple hot dogs to go and said they were great too.

While our food was great, it appears we were there on an off night for the restaurant. There was just that one waitress working and 1 cook in the kitchen. We not only had to wait forever for our food, refills and our order ticket, but also for the to-go order we placed. I noticed the other couple also had to wait as did everyone going through the drive through. On top of that, they rang up our order wrong and got our to go order wrong too so we had to wait even longer for them to correct that.


The waitress and cook were very nice, kind and apologetic about our wait though.  I am not sure why they were short staffed that night but hopefully it was just a one time thing and they will be fully staffed the next time we go.  On a side note, it was absolutely freezing in there too & I found it really odd that the waitress took our order down on a napkin. I guess they were out of order forms or paper?

In short, if you plan to go to Pig Pickin’s in Winston-Salem, the food will be amazing and you won’t regret eating it. However, you may want to be prepared for a long wait and also bring a sweater or jacket so you do not freeze while waiting for their delicious food.

Have you been to Pig Pickin’s in Winston-Salem recently? What did you think? Will you give it a try next time you are in the area? Be sure to check out Restaurant.com for $10 &  $25 off discounts for Pig Pickin’s too!

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  1. Alan says

    Hello Misty,

    My name is Alan and I was the owner of Pig Pickin’s. I have say it was so nice to read your article about my business. I am glad that the food was great, and sorry that the service was a little slow. Sad news is that I closed the business. However, the article was very nice and pictures were neat to see. Thank you and I wish you good future,

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