Showing grace to people that don’t understand God’s Grace

The world we are living in is very cruel and mean.  Just look at what happened last week in Colorado.  It makes no sense and no matter what made that man do that, there’s no justification for it – mental illness, social isolation, a bad childhood… There are so many huge, horrific acts of violence and senseless hatred  going on that break my heart.

There are also smaller acts of violence, hatred and cruelty that are weighing down my heart. Every day, more and more I see someone mocking God, “religion” and the morals that I live my life by.  Most are just general comments, statements, things people post on their social profiles and nothing specifically directed at me. Sometimes it is things going on in the world that the news is reporting on.

It makes my heart heavy. It makes me sad that others, especially people who I know and love are so  hard-hearted and closed-minded. I find myself crying more and more over this and feeling more burdened than ever for people.

I wonder do they realize how much their words hurt me, even though they aren’t directed at me? Surely they know I am a believer. I am pretty clear about it on my blog, my social media profiles and my posts. I hope my actions show what I believe more than just the words and posts, songs and verses I share.

When I start to wonder how some people can be so hard hearted and angry I have to remind myself it’s because they just don’t know or understand the real love of God or the hope and truth you can only find through believing in Him.

I believe the best way to show God’s love is to love others. This doesn’t mean we should just accept everyone and everything and say Jesus loves you and that’s all that matters.  This doesn’t mean that we should not take a stand for what we believe in.  We have every right to stand up for what we believe in, just as much as non-believers or those with opposing views have a right to stand up for what they believe in. We have the same Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and religion as everyone else does. We shouldn’t be hated and condemned for speaking up for what we believe in. But this is the world we live in. A world that just doesn’t understand and is doing all it can to push God out.

If you don’t believe and hold God’s Word to be the truth then your morals, values and views of everything will be different.  And that is your choice.  God gives everyone a choice to believe in Him and to accept salvation or not.

To other believers out there, I urge you to show love and kindness to others. When you make a stand on what you believe in, show grace to those you are making a stand to. Make sure you come across from a place of love and genuine concern and not a “I’m right and you’re wrong and don’t try to tell me otherwise” position.  Also be careful how you live your daily lives, non believers are watching and judging. Watch your language, your reactions, how you spend your time and what you do. You may be the only person someone gets the chance to see Jesus’s love through.  Be a little kinder, a little more patient, more caring and compassionate.

The single greatest cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then they walk out the door and deny him with their lifestyle. – Billy Graham

People ask “where was God in this tragedy or that event” or “if God existed he wouldn’t let this or that happen” or “I’ve went to church and prayed half my life and God’s never answered any of my prayers”. God was there, in the beginning, the middle and the end. You can try to push him out of every area of your lives, thoughts, schools, policies and laws, but He is still in control. And He is still there with open arms waiting for you to invite Him into your heart.

I listen to “Feels Like I am Losing” by Tenth Avenue North probably a dozen times a week or more. They lyrics describe so much how my heart feels about showing grace to those who don’t understand God’s grace.

As difficult as it is, I am trying to show grace to those who just don’t understand God’s grace.  I am trying to not be disheartened by the comments, jokes, hard-hearted people and evil world we are living in.   I pray that my life and actions are an example of God’s grace to others. Because I am a sinner, saved by grace who fails and falls flat on her face daily and needs a savior. I pray others come to that realization and accept God’s grace before it is too late.



  1. says

    Here is the verse that came to my mind for you- “blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” one day, friend, we will sit and talk of the Lord nonstop completely surrounded by people that love Him. Hang in there. You are the light in a dark place. Allume.

  2. cindy says

    I have to say all our actions are solely because of what we are taught, saw, learned and heard. That is solely why some people deal with life differently then others, there is no one on this earth that has not in some way been reflected by their youth, parents and relatives. And sometimes strangers. There are people and things in our life that make us what and who we are. I know on thing and one thing only. That is to always respect and love everyone no matter what they do. Everyone has something to blame their life on, let it go, because so do you and I. Love, kindness, gratitude, respect and so much more will make a better person of one self. Sorry, I had to let that out. I’m feeling all that right now.

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