Sometimes too much is really too much

When I lost my office “job” almost 6 years ago and was unemployed for a few months, I cut back on as many “extras” as I could. One of those “extras” was cable TV. I switched to the basic broadcast plan that had about 30 channels.  Even after my direct sales business took off and I was making a full-time income again, I never upgraded my cable. I didn’t really feel like I had missed out on anything. TV can be a huge waste of time. With the basic plan I got all the standard, broadcast channels and about 15 others that I really liked including Hallmark, OWN, Discovery, HLN, GAC and Inspiration.

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Last year the local cable/internet company I had been with for years was bought out by a bigger company. It has been nothing but trouble since then. My bill has been wrong more often than it has been right. Their customer service is horrible.  My Internet goes out almost every week at the most random times for no apparent reason. Three different modems and numerous technicians and it still kept happening.

About 3 weeks ago they changed the channel lineup. No big deal, I can re-learn where my 30 little channels are and find my favorites easily, right? Wrong! With this channel lineup change those few extra channels that I watched all the time (when I do watch TV which is normally only late at night) were all taken off the basic cable plan I had!

I was not a happy customer to say the least! Not just because I lost my favorite channels but because no one warned me. There was no email, no snail mail, no nothing that the package I was on was going to change. Add that to all the other issues and it was time for me to change cable / internet companies.

After calling the other cable/internet provider in the area, the best package for me was not one I wanted to go with. Apparently they are trying to get everyone to use Digital Cable/DVR instead of basic/analog cable so the aforementioned is way more affordable than the latter. I was also able to move up to the higher Internet speed too so that was nice.

When I first turned on my TV late that first night to check out all these new channels, well it was entertainment overload! After having only 30 channels for over five years, nearly 300 channels is just mind-boggling.  It would take me an hour just to channel surf through them all. There is literally a channel for everything and everyone. It is overwhelming to say the least.

It made me think about how sometimes too much, really is just too much. Too much stress, too much work, too much on our schedules, too much over-eating, too much debt, too much clutter, too much noise and distraction, just plain too much.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  Success is one of those things, it can go to our heads or cause us to feel unsatisfied because we keep trying to beat our previous achievements.   This leads to a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure that we don’t need to put on ourselves. As long as we are doing our best and focused on glorifying God in all that we do, that is what really matters.

The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger. – Frank Herbert

Whenever we focus on an area of our lives too much or let things (emotional, physical or material) become overwhelming and out of control, it causes us to feel dissatisfied and overwhelmed.  It can be hard to find balance and keep things in perspective so it is important we take a step back, evaluate and eliminate unnecessary extra’s from our lives.


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    I used to think when everything is going so terribly well and happy that life can’t be just a bed of roses always…and so I take time to ponder, pray hard and thank the Lord for all the blessings, asking that no great disaster or tragedy strikes. It helps me to keep sober in the face of too much everything, you know, with my feet firmly on the ground.
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