The grass may be greener, but that doesn’t mean it’s where you belong

Once upon a time there was this young lady who had a lot of things going for her. She had a great business, lots of friends, a wonderful family.  She had overcome some pretty big obstacles to get to where she was. After years of self-doubt and valuing herself based on what others thought, she was finally coming to realize and believe that she was a worthwhile person. She wanted more than anything to help others, to inspire and encourage them to find that same confidence and self-worth.

She was pretty darn happy living in her own little fairy tale… Everything seemed so good. It wasn’t perfect, there were still bills to pay and the usual aggravations, but she was happy to deal with them all.

Then one day the castle started crumbling. She’s not really sure why or how or what caused it. It just kept crumbling and after a while she just lost the heart to keep trying to fix it.

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She noticed the grass on the other side of the fence and wondered if maybe it was time that she moved on. The grass looked so green and plush, full of opportunities.  Her castle was barely standing and she felt she didn’t really have a choice.

At first the grass on the other side seemed wonderful.  Things were blooming and all was going well. She had found something new to do and had started making a decent living again. In many ways she was still fulfilling her mission of helping other’s improve their lives too.

A few months went by and though she kept going and the grass was growing in leaps and bounds, there was this little twinge in her heart she couldn’t seem to calm. It was this strange feeling of emptiness. She tried to say busy and just keep working, but she knew deep inside there was something missing, that something just wasn’t right.

After a while she came to realize that even though the grass was greener, that didn’t mean that it was any better or that she was supposed to be on that side of the fence. What she really wanted and where she really belonged was where she started out originally.

“Maybe the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence because that is where the leaky septic tank is buried.”  ~ Antony L. Ingram 


Ok enough of the modern day “not-so” fairy tale.  :)  There are many opportunities around us every day. We have many talents we can pursue but we will not be happy or living up to our best potential unless we pursue our true passion.

For me I have learned in recent months that direct sales is where I truly belong. It is where I feel like I fit in and can do the most good. I feel passionate about the direct sales industry, about helping others gain success and confidence and enabling them to enjoy all the benefits of owning their own business.

I was blessed to be able to start my own web / blog design business a little over a year ago. I have met some amazing people and learned and grown a lot because of it.  However, the longer I try to keep building my design the business, the less happy, confident and joyful I feel.  It shouldn’t be like that.  I shouldn’t be so overwhelmed and to the point of breaking down and crying almost daily from the stress and pressure of it all.

Life is too short to not pursue what you are really passionate about and truly best at.  Unless you are doing what God put you here to do, right where He places you, then you will not feel peaceful or purposeful.

Just because you CAN do something… Doesn’t mean you SHOULD do that something…

Yesterday I put a notice up on my design site that I would not be taking any new clients or projects until further notice (except for pre-made designs and completing projects already in my que of course.).   It was a tough decision that I put off for a couple months, but it was the right decision.

It felt good, no it felt great to make that decision and release myself from the stress I have been feeling the past couple months.  I do not plan to quit designing completely as it’s always smart to have a backup and there are many things I enjoy about designing.  As I have more time I will take on more projects but I am looking forward to going back to doing designing just part time (once I catch up).  I am just ready to get back to what I am truly passionate about and be back where I can excel and feel confident again. (and PS HUGE thanks to every single one of my clients for your business, support, encouragement & referrals. I promise to still help you and be there to answer questions!) (PSS I am not quitting blogging either!)

When the going gets tough and your grass starts to wither, focus on what you can do to make your own place in life better. There’s nothing wrong with exploring the grass on the other side of the fence. It might be the right time and place for you to move on. Or it might help you appreciate where you came from and learn where you truly belong…

Going home means getting comfortable being who you are and who your soul really wants to be. There is no strain with that. The strain and tension come when we’re not being who our soul wants to be and we’re someplace where our soul doesn’t feel at home. -Melody Beattie


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