Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

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I have to admit Valentine’s Day used to be one of my least favorite holidays. Being single on Valentine’s Day when the world is full of couples, cupids and romantic movies can be a little discouraging if not even downright depressing.   I decided a few years ago though that instead of thinking about myself, I would start thinking about others on Valentine’s Day.  After all, that’s really what Valentine’s Day is all about – showing love and kindness to the important people in your life!

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”  ~Seneca

Valentine’s Day does not have to be just a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. You can show anyone  love and kindness by giving them a little gift or on Valentine’s Day, from your mom, grandmother, your children, your sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, your kid’s teachers, your co-workers, friends, neighbors or even your postal delivery person. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to pay it forward and be a blessing to others!

This year I am doing goody bags/gift baskets for the residents at our local domestic violence shelter. I know a few other people who are doing handmade cards and gifts for residents at nursing homes, children in our local children’s hospital and patients at our local Veteran’s hospital too. Another group is doing care packages to send to the troops and some for their spouses and kids too.  There are lonely, hurting people who need to be shown some love and kindness all around us.

Here are a few simple and affordable gift ideas for special people in your life or just those people you see everyday:

1. A Hallmark card or gift. When I think of Valentine’s Day I immediately think about Hallmark. They have been helping people connect and celebrate occasions and relationships for over 100 years now.  I absolutely love to get a card in the mail! It is such a quick and simple way to brighten someone’s day. Even a card given in person with a kind message inside can be the perfect little way to say I love you! Hallmark offers many different Valentine’s Card options now for everyone in your life in their Signature Greetings line. You can choose from cards that come with a fun gift or allow you to add a photograph or record a special message.   Hallmark also has a new Blooming Expressions Gift which I just love! It plays beautiful music as the flower “blooms” to reveal a sweet message in the center. They have several designs including one with Snoopy on it!  If you don’t have time to shop in a store, you can shop at and save $3 when you purchase 3 personalized cards using the code VAL3.

2. Home baked treats. A gift from your kitchen is a “sweet” way to show love. From homemade candies, cupcakes, cookies or cakes, there are so many festive Valentine’s Recipes you can make. Check out this homemade Strawberry Bread Recipe and these Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes – both are perfect for Valentine’s Day! You could wrap them in pink or red cello and include a sweet handmade gift tag or card.

3. Chocolates – From Heart shaped gift boxes with assorted chocolates to gift baskets full of gourmet chocolates, this traditional gift is great for most everyone in your life, male, female, young or old!

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schultz

4. Stuffed Animal. This is another traditional gift, but really I don’t know any kids or adults who wouldn’t be tickled pink to receive a sweet teddy bear or a cute Peanuts® Snoopy like Hallmark offers.

5. Handmade Gift. Just search Pinterest for Handmade Valentine’s Gift Ideas if you need inspiration! From a handmade beaded bracelet to a picture frame decorated with mod podge and scrapbook paper to key chains and soaps, there are all kinds of gifts you can make yourself (or with your kids) to give to special people in your life. PS. Check out my Valentine’s Day Idea Board on Pinterest too!

6. Treat Bag with homemade goodies, candy, personal care items (hand lotion, nail file, bath soap, bath sponge…), or even hot chocolate packets and peppermint sticks!  (ps click here to download free “Owl Always Love You” bag topper and tag printable)

Owl Always Love You Free Valentine's Printable Bag Toppers and Tags

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”- Lao Tzu 

You can also find some other great Valentine’s Day Ideas at the links below:
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I encourage you to start thinking about all the people you can show love to this Valentine’s Day. Be creative and have fun coming up with gifts you can give to everyone. & share the love!  

What kind of things will you be doing for Valentine’s Day this year?


  1. Lee Broom says

    I always like to give my children something on Valentine’s Day…I let my 9 yr. old daughter pick out some candy and a stuffed animal. It’s my oldest daughter’s first year in college, so I’ll probably send her a Valentine’s card, as well as some sweets for her and my son, who’s also in college. A sweet holiday!

  2. Maribel Reyes says

    My kids, I actually got them a little something today. 😀 For my husband I have a picture frame with our latest family picture in it which I will sneak in his laptop backpack before work 😀

  3. Cindi Decker says

    I’ll give a special gift to my mother. Her birthday is the day after Valentine’s day. She has Alzheimers and doesn’t know me anymore but I think she would like some pretty flowers and a card.

  4. Terri Herman says

    I would share with my mom who is 75. The cards would go to my niece and nephew who live out of state. This year I am giving gift cards of a small amount instead of candy to my daughter and son. I’ll wrap them in red tissue paper and put each one between two doilies. Then I will “sew” them together with red or pink thin ribbon, creating a heart package. I may cut fashion a message of some sort and attach it to the front in the center.

  5. Christine says

    I purchased a summer nightgown for my daughter. I plan on making cupcakes for Valentines Day with my daughter!

  6. says

    I like to grab small Valentine’s Day gifts for some of my close friends too. Baking is something that I love to do and they always appreciate the home baked goods. I think often times, more so than anything else. Thanks for the sweet recipe!

  7. Gina Brickell says

    We really don’t do a whole lot for Valentines day in my household.. I would definitely give this to my mother though and I am probably going to pick something up for my son. He is my special valentine!

  8. michelle warner says

    i would give this to my daughter she seems to think valentines day is only for lovers so this year im going to get her a little something nice.

  9. Lynne says

    I’m planning to bake something (most likely chocolate chip cookie bars) and take them to work for my co-workers – they really make work enjoyable, and are all extremely helpful. I am very lucky.

  10. Stephanie says

    My best friend who just happens to be visiting us the week before Vday, she’s coming from AZ all the way to San Antonio!

  11. golden storm says

    i am going to give a special gift to my mum this year she has been sick and deserves something really special

  12. Kris DeVoss says

    I want to share this gift with my Mom … She deserves nothing but the best … She will be 72 this year and we just moved her into our home because we want to take care of her … Thank you!

  13. Heather Zeh says

    Will be making goodie bags for my sons preschool class. I like to get creative but no ideas yet. I’ll keep ya posted

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